Where in the USA to buy Garmin Mobile PC Europe?
What 'same thing' are you looking for? If you have the version of Garmin Mobile PC that comes with a Garmin GPS (10x or 20x), you require a DVD version of City Navigator Europe NT. Neither of the versions you mention has European data.

If you don't have Garmin Mobile PC, it might be easier to buy a European version in Europe and add the North American maps when you return.

Ken in Regina
Dan's in a bit of a hurry so I've been trying to help him out in a private message. Here's the content in case anyone else runs into this issue.

Hi Dan,

Both Terry and I have successfully installed maps from City Navigator North America 2010 to our Mobile PC software using the Mapsource program that comes on the DVD with the maps. There is absolutely no reason that CN Europe 2010 should not work. All you need is the DVD with the maps and an unlock code to unlock the maps to your 10x.

That's the important thing to understand: You are unlocking the CN Europe maps to the serial number on your 10x, NOT to Mobile PC. All Mobile PC cares about is if maps you load into it are unlocked to the GPS receiver connected to it.

Garmin doesn't even need to know what you will be using the maps with. You don't need to hide if from them. It's just not relevant because the Mapsource program that comes on the DVD with the maps will treat Mobile PC just as if it was another Garmin handheld device like a Nuvi. So...

You buy the maps on DVD (NOT the SD card!!!).
You get an unlock code to unlock the CN Europe maps to your 10x.
You use the Mapsource program that comes on the DVD to unlock the maps.
You use the Mapsource program to select the maps and transfer them to Mobile PC.
In Mobile PC you use the Manage My Data > Map Sets to switch between North America and Europe.

That's it.

Of course if you have a netbook or laptop without a DVD drive you will need to figure out how you are going to install the maps and the Mapsource program from the DVD, but there are lots of suggestions on the forum for how to do that.
Ken in Regina
And here's a second private message to Dan in response to a couple more of his questions.

Yes, a portable USB DVD drive will work. That's what many do. Some just keep them at home for desktop use and some haul them along in the gadget bag when they travel ... sometimes because they like to watch DVD movies and some "just in case".

When you buy Garmin maps on DVD they come with a coupon code sort of thing. You can go online with it to Garmin's web site, or phone Garmin's support line, and use the coupon code to get the unlock code. You will need the serial number off your GPS receiver and, possibly, the product code off your map DVD .. I'm not sure about the latter. The unlock code is created based on your GPS serial number and some digits from the product ID of the map product you have.

Once you have the unlock code you can use the unlock wizard in the Mapsource program that installs from the DVD when you install the maps. The Mapsource unlock wizard will step you through the process. In fact, now that I think of it, I think the wizard asks if you need to get an unlock code and if you do it will take you online (need a network connection) to Garmin's site so you can get your unlock code. Then it will continue with the process to unlock the maps you just installed. It's been awhile since I did it .. you're stretching the grey matter now. :-)
The unlock wizard in Mapsource is accessed by the UTILITIES Menu and selecting "Manage Map Products".

I'm confused by the question of how to install the Mapfactor DVD?? Are you implying you might be installing it while you're "away" and won't have a DVD drive with you? In that case I don't know. If you could find a computer store that would let you copy the DVD onto a USB flash drive you might be able to install from the flash drive. That's how many people do it. Most products will install that way. A few won't.

If you decide to copy to a flash drive, you do NOT need to get an ISO image and burn it. You just need to do a normal copy of the entire DVD to the flash drive.

The other option that people use is to connect to a network, stick the DVD into a DVD drive on another computer on the network, share that drive so other computers on the network can use it and install to the laptop from that shared drive. A computer store might help you do that.
I think I need to turn these two messages into FAQs. I need to chop them up a bit so I'll do it later.

Thanks Ken and others/! finally have the original \north american version of Mobile \pc up and running. The pass key that the bluetooth was looking for was 1234. Nowhere could I find this except on this forum ( after some searching) Not on the box, or the dvd packaging How would anyone know this? Now waiting to install Mapfactor PC Navigator to get me around Europe.
Mobile PC does not require the pass key for the 10x as it communicates directly with the Bluetooth stack bypassing the BT-COM conversion. Other programs would require it and it is non-standard (most BT GPS these days have a code of '0000'). It is on page 4 of the Quick Start manual if you have that. http://www8.garmin.com/manuals/GPS10xOEMsensor_quickstartmanual.pdf

Good to hear you found it ok.

I can not follow your logic of getting a different product for Europe after buying a more expensive BT GPS to work with Mobile PC. However, we would certainly be interested in your opinion of the MapFactor product. The TeleAtlas maps are supposed to be good in Europe but we can't figure out how you can find addresses with the 'city first' search approach.

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Ken in Regina
Hey Terry,

If you look back at the original posts you'll see that Dan talked to Garmin customer support and was told that he could and that he could not add CN Europe maps to Mobile PC.

Are we surprised??

So he took the safe route and ordered the only other product he could find with maps of Europe.

After this discussion he is also planning to see if he can source CN Europe locally (Toronto area) before he leaves.

The MapFactor purchase was just to make sure he had something that he could use in Europe. He's still no out of the woods. MapFactor hasn't arrived yet and he's not sure if he can source CN Europe locally.

Does anyone know where he might be able to get City Navigator Europe in the Toronto/SW Ontario area? Marvin???

Dan, GPS Central shows it in stock and I'm pretty sure if you phone them (1-800-585-9331) they'll overnight it to you. You won't be able to call until tomorrow morning (9:30am - 5:00pm, Mountain Time).

Garmin MapSource City Navigator EUROPE NT 010-10887-00

Marvin Hlavac
There's a store (RadioWorld/GPSWorld) on the south side of Steeles Avenue West, just east of Hwy-400 (south/east corner of Steeles & Norfinch). They may have it in stock. Google their website, phone them, ...
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