GPS76 Failure to Transfer Data to nRoute
Susan Tokarz
We have a GPS76 connected to a Dell laptop computer running nRoute V 2.7.6. It will Auto Detect the GPS, however, it will not transfer GPS tracking data. I can transfer data (waypoints, routes) back and forth between my Mapsource program and my GPS76. When I run my nRoute the program cycles through "Attempting connection to GPS" "Searching for Satellites" and Connection Broken". I had this problem when in the past when I set up my original Dell. At that time Garmin customer support helped resolve it. Bought a newer Dell and had the same problem. This time Garmin will not give customer support for nRoute and I do not remember how the problem was resolved the first time. Anyone have suggestions?
Ken in Regina
How is the GPS76 connected to the laptop? Is it serial or USB?

Susan Tokarz
Sorry to take so long in answering, we were out of town. The GPS and laptop are connected by serial port.
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