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Okay, I am a little peeved, but Im trying to stay positive.

I downloaded your S & T hotkey for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008...

Why did this add DLG.exe to my programs and processes??

I did not have this issue before the d/l.

I have now removed your HOTKEYS.....AND...cleaned up my computer and all is well again???

Whats up? I do not believe I did anything wrong
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jordan,

Welcome to the forum!

I have no idea what DLG.exe is. The only file S&T Keys adds to your computer is S&T Keys.exe. If you change any of the default settings, it will create keys.ini. There is no other file ever created by S&T Keys.

[EDIT] I just did a quick Google search on "dlg.exe". It may reveal where the file came from. Here are the results: http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=dlg.exe&meta=
Thanks Marvin,

Here is what happened. As earlier stated, no problems before, have never seen this on the computer. D/L 08 hotkeys to desktop. As soon as I clicked on the hotkey icon, Microsoft Streets and Trips began start up. Then I had this repeated window opening...something like "Digital line detect....may sure your computer is connected to a phone line". Im working over a wireless network and dsl. This window would not stop opening (opened about 15 windows) until I exited Hotkeys on the task bar. Once I exited the Hotkeys all was fine....and I began working on the problem. I removed DLG.EXE from my system processes, and proceeded into Streets and Trips performing the Options as outlined here. (I liked the program and thought it was great!). On restart of the computer, the DLG.EXE began again......leaving me with no choice but to uninstall HK. Everything is back to normal again.

I googled DLG.EXE as well. I did find that DELL installs this on computers...and I have installed HK on a dell inspiron. Any suggestions would be great. I am going to dig a little deeper into this dell to see what I can find.

thanks again
Okay, I did some housecleaning, and did a re install of HK. Things are working great at the moment. Thanks for the great program, and my apologies are offered for being blunt in my original post. Feel free to delete this thread Marv.

thanks again
Marvin Hlavac
Jordan, this is actually very valuable feedback, and I thank you for it. In the past at least on two occasions users said their virus scan reported S&T Keys to be a virus of some kind. In both instances when the developer of the virus scanning software was contacted, they promptly released an update which no longer indicated S&T Keys was a malicious file. But it is always better to be cautious.

I'm glad you've solved the issue.
Not really sure what happened here Marv. The only thing I am guessing??? Is somehow the HK d/l triggered the digital line detect stuck away in a hidden folder on this computer?? I deleted what I could find pertaining to DLG.exe...but didnt dig that deep, and thought I would try the d/l again....and it worked.... thanks again
Marvin Hlavac
You are most welcome, Jordan.
I just checked my Dell and I also have the Dlg.exe. I never knew my Dell came with this. Keys has never initiated a reaction to the program on my system. I'll leave there since according the the googled sites it is not spyware or a virus.

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