Free Sales Training Offer: Master Your Territory with Microsoft Streets and Trips
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It’s true that Microsoft® Streets and Trips is a fantastic family vacation planning program, but thousands of sales people also know it as an indispensible business productivity tool that reduces costs, increases sales and adds dollars to the bottom line.

Laptop GPS World members – read on to take advantage of a ‘no strings attached’ free Streets and Trips 2008 Sales Productivity training offer from My Point…Exactly, LLC. You’ll learn how to incorporate Streets and Trips into an Intelligent Territory Management program that will save you time and make you money. Not a member of Laptop GPS World? Not a problem, just click the ‘Register’ link at the top of the page on the right. It’s quick and it’s free.

By plotting prospects and customers with a unique pushpin icon on the map, you can scan your territory and instantly see where your best prospects are located. You’ll learn how to use Streets and Trips’ analysis tools to spot new opportunities you might have missed.
You then make your prospect calls in the same geographical area. Once meetings are set, you use integrated GPS to move from account to account with spoken turn by turn directions. You spend more time in front of the prospect selling and less time behind the windshield driving.

Laptop GPS World members know that laptop software is so much more powerful than a Personal Navigation Device (PND). See how Streets and Trips not only helps you get to where you’re going – but allows you to answer the much more important sales question - “Where do I need to go in the first place?”

It just makes sense – better planning means increased efficiency and reduced costs. Business owners – this helps you add dollars to your bottom line, Sales Managers – this helps you increase sales and reduce travel expenses, Sales Reps – this helps you see more prospects in the same amount of travel you’re doing now….and that means less hassle and more money.

My Point…Exactly LLC is offering 25 free training slots, first come - first serve, to Laptop GPS World members. To take advantage of this offer, simply go to www.mypointsales.com , Click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button (right hand side, under video), enter your desired log-in info , and enter the 7 digit code shown in the attachment below.

Once the code is entered, you will have immediate access to the training.

And again – this is absolutely free. The goal here is to promote the understanding that Microsoft® Streets and Trips is an important productivity tool that is already used by thousands of professional users and that many more can profit from Laptop GPS Software.
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Marvin Hlavac
Keith, thank you very kindly for posting it. For those who wish to find out more about the training, a little bit of information was posted a year ago in http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/661-video-teaches-sales-reps-how-use-microsoft-streets-trips. I did look at the videos at that time, and I was very impressed.
Thank you for the free offer, your directions and coupon code worked flawlessly!

My Point...Exactly
Excellent Gregg. You are welcome! If you get a chance, let us know what you thought of the training after you've had a chance to review.
My Point...Exactly
Free training slots still open!
Wow! Thanks so much or this free training offer. I’ve been in sales for about 2 years now (maintenance services/janitorial supplies)….and this is really going to help! I inherited my laptop from the previous rep….and it came to me with Streets and Trips 2006 already installed. I had no idea it had this kind of power! I went through all the training – great job and very thorough!

Even though the training was based on 2008, I was able to follow along very easily – most of the functionality was the same. I’m definitely going to upgrade my version of Streets and Trips. I see the latest version is 2010 – do you have a 2010 training program? I definitely plan to show this to my boss. Thanks Again!
My Point...Exactly
Hi JamesD - thanks for the kind words. I'm very pleased you like our training! I hear that allot from reps who tell me that Streets and Trips came with their lap top....and they were surprised to learn how it could help them sell. Tell your friends!

I'm glad you were able to use the training even though you have S&T 2006. We are working on upgrading My Point...Exactly S&T training to 2010. However - in the short term - I think you'll find that our training based on the 2008 version will guide you quite nicely through S&T 2010.

If you have any questions - just drop me a line!

Thanks JamesD!
I was a salesman many years ago with a territory consisting of the entire east coast of the United States, all covered by car! I could only dream of a product like Microsoft Streets and Trips and had to get by on paper maps, the Yellow Pages, and an intuitive sense of direction.

Modern sales personnel cannot know how lucky they are to have tools such as GPS, S&T, and training programs like yours available to them. Keep up the good work!
My Point...Exactly
Thanks for the encouragement Spades! I started using Streets and Trips a few years after I started selling. I honestly can't remember how I did it before S&T - but I couldn't imagine going into an area today and not knowing where every prospect - by type - was located so that I could visit them in the most efficient manner.

A few years back I had a new boss who was riding along with me. He scoffed at S&T's territory management capabilities, saying his nickname was 'Randy McNally' - and he knew where ever prospect was located, and how to get to them. When the week was up - he had bought a copy for himself and had every salesrep on our team expense a copy for their use too!
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My Point...Exactly
Still 5 spots left in the free training offer! If you're friends with anyone in sales - give 'em a holler and let them know about this offer. They'll thank you for it!
Some of you are not going to believe this, but the code for the free training is still working as I just signed up and played one of the videos. This is super! Now, I'll learn to make Streets & Trips 2010 work even better than before in my real estate business!!!
I can't believe I missed this. I saw this training course when I first started using Streets & Trips, but purchased MapPoint. I would have loved to look through the videos and see if there was anything useful.
Any other coupons that you are aware of?
My Point...Exactly
Hi Jesse -

I'll make a deal with you! Streets and Trips and MapPoint are twin brothers - with MapPoint getting just a few more brains.

As a MapPoint user - I'd love to get your input on how/if MPE Streets and Trips training helped you get more out of your MapPoint - as I'm considering adding a basic user course for MapPoint as well.

I'm sending you a coupon via private message.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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