Problem with iGuidance 4.0 installation on laptop
Ok, after favorable remarks concerning iGuidance 4.0, I ordered it and upon receipt, loaded it on my laptop.

Specifics as follows:
Laptop-Everex ST5340T
OS-Vista Home Prem.
1 GB ram
S&T 2006 previously loaded and running fine.
GPS reciever- MS-GM-03 USB Puck

Well, iGuidance 4.0 worked fine, but Streets & Trips would not work, a warning message about the registry files not being correct. So, I tried to repair the installation, no fix. Then I did a registry clean, Streets & Trips worked then, but iGuidance 4 could not find Text to Speech or Maps (2 warning windows). I tried to load the maps 3 times, but it could not find them. So, I completely uninstalled Streets & Trips, cleaned registry, and still no iGuidance, same messages. During this, I rebooted several times to clear Vista. So, I'm without any mapping software at the present. Oh, I tried to repair iGuidance as well. Even went so far as to unregister it, remove it, reinstall it, and reactivate it, but same error messages.

I have a problem ticket in with iNav, but expect it to be Monday at the soonest before I hear from them. Any ideas from you guys would be greatfully appreciated.
Did you try copying iGuidance while the disk was in the drive to your C drive or wherever you want these apps to be? When I first loaded iGuidance the maps were only there while the disk was in the drive. Take out the disk and no maps. So iGuidance told me to copy by going to My Computer, find the drive where iGuidance was, right click and go to propertys and copy it from there into my C drive. Works fine for me but I don't know if this is your problem.
I have XP Pro, not Vista.
Reloaded maps using the map loader tool with iGuidance 4. Did this numerous times as well. Same result.
Marvin Hlavac
Hmm, sorry to hear about the problem . If iGuidance version 4 cannot find maps and if it cannot also find text-to-speech, then my guess would be that the program isn't installed properly. A way to fix this should be rather simple, though. I don't have the installation DVD around at the moment, and I even think you may have a little bit newer version than I do, but if you open Windows Explorer, and if you look at the content of the DVD, there should be a folder named iNav iGuidance. It should contain two folders: Maps and ScanSoft. (The ScanSoft one contains the text-to-speech stuff.). Assuming that you have already installed iGuidance 4 and assuming that you are still receiving the two errors (no maps, no text-to-speach), do the following: Right-click the iNav iGuidance folder in Windows Explorer, select "Copy", and then paste it to the root directory C:\

That should solve the problem (I hope).

P.S. You will not be able to run iGuidance and Microsoft Streets and Trips simultaneously. One GPS receiver can only connect to one GPS program at one time. You have to close iGuidance before you start Streets & Trips, and vice versa. If you desire to use two or more GPS programs simultaneously, then you may need some utility software, such as Franson GPS Gate, for that.
Thanks for the reply Marvin. I've tried that copy command as well, as that was mentioned in the installation brochure. Still no joy. Somewhere in the program, it must be pointing at a location on the disk other than where the iNav iG folder. I'm about to just redo the hard drive and just install iG4. What I was initially trying to do was just pick up the coodinates for my pushpins in S&T and add them to iG4. I hadn't even tried to start GPS tracking in S&T. I'm guessing that something is out of whack in the registry. I'm going to see if there is a restore point that I can go back to. It's a new machine, so I haven't added a great deal of stuff, and what I have added is mostly public domain software.
Marvin Hlavac
Try the following (it will only take few minutes):

* Do not delete the iNav iGuidance folder (or anything else)

* Assuming the iNav iGuidance folder (with all it's content) has been successfully copied to C:\, proceed with the following steps

* Insert DVD to your computer

* When prompted to uninstall iGuidance, let the program install iGuidance

* You may need to re-insert the DVD to start installation process again

* Complete installation

* Try to start iGuidance now

(The idea is to have the C:\iNav iGuidance folder in place before the installation starts. Let's hope it works.)
Sorry for the late reply. I did try that suggestion and it still wouldn't allow the program to start. So, here's what I did. Removed the activation, restored (formatted) the system, and reinstalled everything but Streets & Trips. Works fine now.
Marvin Hlavac
...and now I suspect you are afraid to install Microsoft Streets and Trips, aren't you?
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