Displaying mileages from turn to turn in Microsoft Streets and Trips
I currently have a copy of MS Streets & Trips 2005. I'm using it to plot a route, at my desk, and would like the program to show me the mileage from turn to turn. I haven't been able to get this version to show me any mileages. I'm not adverse to buying newest program but I need this feature. Can it be done? Is there other software that would do this?
Marvin Hlavac
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Gladwin recently posted a step-by-step instructions on how to get mileage between stops: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2316-how-get-distances-b-c-c-d-etc-microsoft-streets-trips

Turn-to-turn mileage is in Directions (Ctrl+U) pane.
Thanks. I thought that it was about going from start to finsh not turn to turn. Now How do I print just the list of turns and summary stats w/o map pages? I don't want pages and pages of maps.
File-Print. Choose 'Driving directions only'. Uncheck 'Current Map View' and uncheck 'Include Overview Map'. Select 'Portrait' for the layout. Click on 'More Options' button and choose 'Print route on as few pages as possible'. Check 'Include summary statistics'

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Ken in Regina
Sounds like there needs to be an S&T Keys macro for that...


Good suggestion, it is way too complicated to remember if you are not using it very often
I have no problem figuring out how to get the "Summary Statistics" to print. What I can't seem to find is how to get a complete list of stops to print. I have, for example, a trip with 69 stops (including start and end). Looking at the "Summary Statistics" that the Print function produces, it looks like my trip should have 138 entries. I can only get 58 "Route Segment Details" to print -- all on a single page. (Or more accurately, only a single page of data is printed.)

How can I print a complete listing?
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