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Journey Time Monitor in Driving Guidance Pane
Of course, any planned route has imbedded in it a timeline or, conversely it might be said, any route is structured against a timeline, with resettable parameters such as start, end, times of stops along the way. I believe down-loaded GPS sentences include a time stamp, although I cannot think of S&T using this information in any way. S&T would be enriched, I believe, if these two things could be put together as follows.

I would like to see displayed in the Driving Guidance Pane how 'we are doing' against the timeline, perferrably as a plus or minus number in time format. That would entail matching the route timeline to the GPS time. The best would be if it made the calculation continuously between waypoints but I can see how that might present some challenges. Next best would be against the most recent waypoint.
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