Will GPS receiver from Streets & Trips 2006 work with AutoRoute 2007?
Hi folks. great site I alway check here from time to time for cool stuff and info.
Just a quick Q. Can I use and will the GPS receiver from Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 work on Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 Europe program?
If not, any options?

Thanks Auke
It should work with no problem whatsoever.
Great, thanks.
Yes, it will. I have done so.

BTW, you don't have to be in Europe to test it. You can fire up your Autoroute on your laptop anywhere in the world and the GPS should find your current location. Don't expect much in the way of map details, however.
Thats cool, howabout starting up Streets and Trips 2006 in Europe? Will that work too on the world map?
I don't recall actually having done that but it should work.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, it will work. The map will not offer you street data, but you will see your location on the map, and you will see neighboring city names around you, no matter where in the world you launch either Microsoft Streets & Trips or Microsoft AutoRoute.

And :welcome: to the forums, Technocrsr. There are quite a few people who have been members of Laptop GPS World for a very long time before they post. It is always my pleasure to welcome such long-time readers, first-time posters.
Thanks for the welcome, yes I did not post yet on this forum because most everything i need to know is already out here.

I use S&T 8 or 9 years but I got my first one with GPS in 2006, absolutely love it, I even have a 7" lilliput monitor mounted on a laptop stand in my truck and the laptop under the armrest with a LT cooler, works great.

I'm now changing to a netbook, works great to, les wires to connect.

I do have some more questions but thats for later.

Thanks for having this great site.

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