Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips
I'm trying to get Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010.
Done quite a bit browsing but have ended with more questions than answers.
I'm in ca. prices vary between cdn $120 to $ 40 US but no ship to ca
Pro and cons for download or box dvd?
how many installs allowed.(I have 2 laptops)
implications of cessation of support by MS.
Importing Exel files(Topo),S&T 2005 Tracks. use with ETrex

any reply would be greatly appreciated.
My Point...Exactly
Hi Colthepol -

S&T 2013 is latest version - are you in fact looking for 2013?

I've downloaded all my copies since 2011 - no issues. Con is it will take a while if you don't have high speed internet.

Even without support, which was marginal at best on S&T anyway, this is still the best, easiest, most feature rich software available under $1000. We won't get road updates....so in a few years, S&T may get 'long in the tooth....but until that time - still a great tool/value in my opinion.

I believe the user rights still allows to download to two machines (primary and 'mobile' desktop/laptop)

I'm curious, what are your plans for S&T?

Note that you can Navigate with the GPS version (same software - you just need an external GPS which was sold by Microsoft - not sure if they still have....maybe find on Ebay)
I think colthepol is looking for a version that can read his 2005 and 2007 version files. It was noted in another post that S&T 2010 can convert 2007 files.

I found this one that shows $9.95 for download


No idea where they are or anything else about them though!

My Point...Exactly
Ah - thanks Tcass....sorry Colthepol ; )
I have a laptop with S&T 2008 still installed on it. It successfully converted an .est file with a 2004 creation date. I then tried the file it converted on this computer with S&T 2013 and it appears to have converted it to a readable version.

If you have a few files, I can probably convert them via that method for you. Then you could settle for the latest and greatest (and final) S&T2013.

collthepol, sorry, I misunderstood your posts also.

Sorry Terry and My Point Ex. I'm prone to ramble on.I should have previewed before posting.Hence deletion.(trying not to appear a fool)
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by colthepol
Sorry Terry and My Point Ex. I'm prone to ramble on.I should have previewed before posting.Hence deletion.(trying not to appear a fool)
It's too bad you deleted it. You did not appear the fool. It added context to the discussion and included a critical detail that you don't mention anywhere else ... that you need the Export to GPX function in order to do what you do.

...ken... <probably the worst "rambler" here>
I know I'm a pain in the butt but bear with me.
I have managed to GPX a few (20) trips from my previous gps (ETrex) Notepad files into 2013.I'm still at a loss for the trails since using my BU 353?(no notebook files) It seems some were off 2002S&T and some 2005.I thought it was 2007!!

How can I do the two-open-map approach to merge trails? 13/11/2014 found that now!
Col, you are not "a pain in the butt" (at least so far); we have had some real doozies over the years...

However, your latest post seems to diverge a bit from prior inquiries. It is actually easier to deal with your current statement of what you are trying to achieve than most of what I can remember from previous.

I would suggest you look at "Tyre" to combine multiple GPX trails. Download the free version (unless you are particularly averse to advertisements) of Tyre at www.tyretotravel.com. That gives you the facility of opening simultaneously multiple GPX files as individual map tabs from which you can copy and paste route points and/or waypoints merging trails to your heart's content. Of course, any new GPX files thus created can then be imported into S&T.
All(or relatively all)problems now solved. Downloaded 60 day trial ver2010.and have managed to GPX all my old trips so now I can now relax.
Off up north for a few days to the ski areas,a bit early but I don't ski anyway.
I use Autoroute 2007 when in UK and will get S&T2010 soon,I'm going to have to get an adapter too connect the ETrex(circa 2002?) to the laptops.It's really seen it's days,input buttons worn out but small ball bearings and silicone solved that problem.I use it on my bike with my DeWalt cordless battery pack as two AA's don't seem to work too well for my requirements.
I know I can upgrade to more current technology, however if it works why change?
Still using a Telus 6 year old $10 a month cell and $400 credit(I must use that time up)
Maybe I should update my profile here to read "76 year-old cheapy old fart.
Thanks for the help Terry,Spades,Marvin and MPE.
I'm still in the market for S&T 2010,
I'm in Canada so shipping here from US seems to be a problem.
Some vendors may not, or don't want to know about he 2 installations allowed.
Would that be "buyer beware" market?
i need help with how to set up GPS Diag V1.5 by commlinux solutions
im having an issue with my garmin gps recognition ability on MS streets and trips 2013
what to do or how to proceed
thank you
One thing you have to remember is once GPS Diag or any program that queries the GPS is running, the GPS is tied up. It won't work with S&T until you shut all those types of programs down. The software generated COM port can supply one program only at a time.

The easiest way to tell what COM port S&T will use is to auto scan for it from within the program. You can also check Device Manager. Expanding the Ports (COM&LPT) section will usually show you which COM port is being provided by the software associated with your GPS.

Also, certain Garmin GPS don't supply NMEA data (eg Garmin 20x). You will need to use GPSGate. If you mean a dedicated GPS device such as an Etrex, they have an option to output NMEA. Car ones may or may not depending on their age.

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