In Streets & Trips 2007 the GPS icon was easier to see
I'll stick with my Streets & Trips 2007. I was buying the new versions every year until 2008. The circle that represents my vehicle on the map was significantly smaller in the 2008. A quick glance at the screen while driving I could miss the circle. I went back to my 2007, the circle and the arrow that represent my vehicle are larger and easier to spot while driving. I have no complaints with my 2007, I love it. It works perfectly...

Actually, I find the current position circle in S&T 2007 a bit too small because I am using it on a very small screen, 4.8". I guess I will have to review 2010 very carefully; that might be a deal-breaker for me.
Hi HarleyFXDL,

In 2007, having a BIG GPS Icon was indeed helpful because it used to be a challenge quickly find the icon on the screen. The reason was because you never knew which part of your screen to look for it. It could literally be anywhere. In certain scenarios it would sometimes wonder off the screen momentarily.

In 2009 and 2010 the GPS position icon stays in relatively the same location during navigation. Maybe with this change/improvement in behavior will make it easier for you to upgrade to 2010.

I was a heavy 2007 version user. I have switched from 2007 to 2009 version directly.

The 2007 version got often the icon going outside of the map. The 2009 version does not suffer from this problem anymore. The icons stays almost where it should be (to match your configuration settings used for navigation). So seeing the icon is probably much more easy when it is located always at the same spot...
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