How to hide Stops and how to export route in Streets & Trips
rami gilboa
Hi, folks
I use a rather old Microsoft Streets and Trips (2005 or so), and it fits my needs. I have 2 problems with my SW:

1. I hate the yellow rectangles that are displayed on the route, in each STOP point... I can't find a way to display my route, without these annoying squares. Did I miss something terribly simple, or is it a real problem?...

2. Also, I didn't find a simple way to export the map and my route displayed on it, to a simple graphic format, JPEG or PDF. Anybody knows how to do it?

I thank you in advance for any info.

Rami Gilboa
Yukon (for the moment...)
You can print your map with many different options in current S&T 2009 (the map can be printed as many configurations as you may wish probably. But i don't know for the 2005 version ). Just install a free pdf printer driver and you are all set to generate a pdf from this print out.

Here is a free good one pdfcreator

Free Pdfcreator
rami gilboa
Hi, dear MisterMoonlight...

Thanks for your advice, regarding the PDF generator, I'll sure try this one.

Do you have any idea how can I un-display the yellow STOP's signs? They just disturb, I am sure that there is an option to display the ROUTE without them... Can U help?

Thanks again,

Rami Gilboa
Rami said:
Do you have any idea how can I un-display the yellow STOP's signs?
Unfortunatly, they are no option to hide the yellow stop signs from the map...
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