GMPC "Acquiring Satellites" with 9 satellites
Marvin Hlavac
The Amod unit should work fine as long as you position it in a place where it has good view of the sky in many directions.
Thanks Ken for pointing out the problem and Marvin for solving it. I will stick with IE - regardless of how wonderful Firefox is - as it gets the job done.

The BT dongle looks like a good deal. How does DX make any money selling it at that price with free shipping? Not much room for mark up there unless they get them for free.

I stumbled upon DX when I was working for a large company, trying to find IP based video cameras. Their operation deals directly with Hong Kong manufacturers, no middle man and ships direct from HK. We had a team that had to go to HK to set up a plant and the guys came back loaded up with goodies they had purchased there at flabbergastingly low prices. Electronics are priced so low there it blew all of our minds. Many items do not have any instructions, or if they do, they seem to be written in 'pidgin' english, very basic. To add in a full English manual and fancy packaging adds to the cost - my BT dongle came in a 'open on one end' plastic bag - that was it. The same as prescription drugs around the world, the more advertising and 'prettying up' of the packaging, the higher the cost to the manuifacturer wich gets handed right down to us, the consumers. Some items still have larger prices on them but for 'gadgets' there is no better site.
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