RV mounting of MR-350 USB GPS antenna / receiver

Here is how I gained access to the inside of our RV, simple and quick-total time was less than an hour.

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Marvin Hlavac
Thanks for posting it. How do you like the performance of your GPS MR-350 receiver? What GPS unit did you use before? How does the MR-350 compare to that?
Hi Marvin, I think we have had the MR350 for two years, it is fantastic (I don't profit in any way from the sales of this product, well I guess I do in a way, its always nice to be able to give someone a heads up on something that really works!). The internal antenna was just a pain for us and signal was dropped on a regular basis, not that it was a horrible problem but it did happen.

Now with the antenna/receiver outside and up top we get a couple to three more satellites and the signal is lost about 95% LESS of the time, I really can't say enough about the product.

What we did learn the hard way is that you really should use the piece of heat shrink tubing over the usb adapter immediately. I did not and the connection at both the laptop and the nema adapter at the 350 went to poop in a very timely manner. I ended up having to solder the connection from the MR350 cable to the adapter and it was a pain, a real pain. So be advised, if you use a usb connector with this product that piece of tubing is supplied for a very good reason...

Now I do also have to mention the Smooth Talker cell booster. This Canadian made product should be required by law to be installed in every motor vehicle. Time and time again it has made the difference in being able to make/receive cell calls and not being able to use the cell phone; and this has happened in both areas near the Canadian border here in the Northeast, to rural areas of Maine, NH, VT, CT, NY, PA down through the hills of TN, NC, SC, everywhere we like to go when we do get to jump in our small rv and hit the road.

Forgot, if you do get a MR350 remember to order the usb adapter cable if you want to connect through a usb port OR make certain that the cable is included, the first time we ordered it was not-though the company made it clear and the second time the cable was included-and do some searching, the price varies ALOT, the last time around we got both the MR350 and the usb cable for about $65usd....

Thanks for a great site
Marvin Hlavac
I hope you don't mind I added a picture from your photo gallery to your first post on top.

GlobalSat GPS MR-350 is not for everyone, but for a motorhome, an RV, a truck, or if you manage a fleet of ambulances, fire trucks, etc, it may be the perfect solution.

Thanks for the info about the USB cable being included in some packages, but not in others!
I do agree that this or any permanently mounted antenna has its limitations but somewhere I saw a magnetic add on for the MR350 just can't remember where.

The GPS antenna did sort of blend in on the picture, the highlighting does help out.
I just purchased one off ebay for a total of $25.00, the cable was $11.00 total. I want one for my new delivery cargo van. This allows me to keep a laptop docking station mounted in the vehicle with the power and GPS cables already connected to it. I plan on having the entire set up installed this weekend and will add some pictures afterward.
Alright, I have an appointment to have my entire setup installed by a very experienced local tech on Sat. morning. I am no longer needing this in my Scion but rather the big cargo van instead. So I decided to utilize a Thinkpad Docking Station and a bulkhead GPS receiver(MR-350P) to make it more of a permanent and convenient setup. I suppose the inverter could be mounted somewhere on that console box.

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