Dongle / Adaptor for Pharos GPS-500
Hi: I have the GPS receiver, the Pharos iGPS-500. The black dongle/adaptor is broken. Is there any way I can get an inexpensive replacement for the adaptor without having to buy a new receiver set? Thanks.
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I guess it would cost you more than buying a new low-cost adapter
Unfortunately I haven't yet found a low cost adaptor. The cheapest I have found costs close to $40.00, pretty close to buying a whole new GPS USB receiver.
Marvin Hlavac
Rick, mine broke, too. Otherwise I would gladly put it inside an envelope and ship it your way. I think $40 is a good price for a new USB GPS. Alternatively, you could search for a cheap price of old version of Streets & Trips w/GPS. I see some of them are selling for $29, and perhaps even lower.
That Dongle/Adaptor is fragile; my first one broke, too.

Have you considered going bluetooth? There is a BT sled for the Pharos GPS 500 and small USB/BT antennas are cheap. It gives you much more flexibility.
Yes, but my laptop is an older one and doesn't have bluetooth. Is that a problem? or do I just need USB?
You would then need a Bluetooth USB adapter that will allow Bluetooth technology to your existing USB PC or notebook to let it work with all devices enabled with Bluetooth
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