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Avoid ROAD, not "area"
The roads in Microsoft Streets & Trips are drawn in segments. It would be GREAT to hold down the ALT key or some other trigger, and then hover over a road with the mouse. The road would be highlighted in red. Clicking on the road would "set" it as a road to avoid when planning routes. The avoidance could be turned off using the same process. This would be GREAT in situations where a city is replacing water pipes, and the road needs to be avoided for a few weeks, but not permanently.
I absolu-freaking-lutely agree with this suggest.

When I used CoPilot 9, it had that feature. Select the road segment, hit "Avoid". Boom - never again would it try to send me down that road.

Very helpfull when you are at that road and the road is closed for... construction!!! As an additionnal feature, i would like to do it with a touch of a key, like avoid current segment, or avoid next segment. This is much easier than drawing an avoid area that would also if not so precise kill other possible road around. Killing only the offending road is easier
Personally I'd like to keep the Avoid Area and also have Avoid Road. There are times when the area works out real well, because in some cases where there are a lot of different roads , if you just mark a road to avoid it might take you on another road that you also don't want.
Well, for the avoid AREA, you could hold down the trigger key and "apint" over the streets which would all turn red as you sweep over them. releasing the key would select every road you crossed with the cursor. How 'bout that?
I'd like to take this a bit further and add an Avoid choice to the Pushpin properties.

Because of high profile vehicles like RV's and Trucks being so common with S&T there are after market POI's for Low Clearances available to users. These work well and are updated all the time, which is a good thing.

I'd like S&T to be able to avoid any roads where these POI's are present. It seems like it would be easy to add an Avoid choice when you right-click a particular POI Pushpin Set. When you create a route it will know not to route on a highway or road that has one of these Low Clearance POI Pushpins. This would really be useful when utilizing the GPS feature.
Good suggestion! It would be useful to non-truckers, too. For instance, if a bridge is out S&T would route around it.
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