Trouble installing Streets & Trips trial. Not enough space on C drive.
I have tried to install the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 trial version (prior to the release of 2010) on my Asus EEE, and have trouble since the downloaded version attempts to put all of the extracted files on Drive C. My drive only has 800mb available, and this doesn't appear to be enough room and it fails. I have 3 logical drives in this machine, so space isn't a problem as I'll install on Drive D, but there doesn't seem to be a way to alter where it tries to put the extracted files. Anyone know how (or if) to change the automatic process of the extraction?
We extract the files into the users 'temp' folder which resides in the C drive, you can try changing your 'temp' folder to your D drive and then extract the files.

try this blog to change the temp folder to a different drive.
An interesting approach. However, if you follow the blog directions, make sure you create the appropriate folders you point to on the new partition. Not doing so can cause some unexpected results.

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