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Instant Map Updates From Bing, Navteq
It sure would be nice if Microsoft Streets & Trips had an UPDATE button. If connected to the web, one could bring up a map, click the UPDATE button, and Streets & Trips would look into the NAVTEQ database online, for any updates to that map. I realize that this might defeat some incentive for users to buy new Streets & Trips versions. But maybe, if Microsoft increased the new features of a version, that would be sufficient enticement.

Marvin Hlavac
... or Microsoft could make such update service available for a fee. Microsoft actually asked MapPoint customers to vote on this and other features back in February. Here's the link: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1587-microsoft-survey-what-features-do-you-want-future-versions-mappoint
Gabby Jim
By all means! Give me the option to update my MAP without updating / corrupting the program I know and love. All I REALLY want is an accuate map with my program - and I'd be willing to pay either the same cost as total upgrade or - preferably - an incremental cost where I could upgrade the map several times a year at a lower cost.

Indeed, I'd really like to be able to just get a new map when I start a new trip! Heck, hard copy maps now cost about $5 each, and they are obsolete before they are printed. I'd be willing to pay $5 to upgrade my S&T map every couple of moths. Why not just charge me the $40 as a subscription fee, and let me upgrade as often as upgrades are available?
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