Street labels and GPS arrow blinking when navigating with MS Streets and Trips
I have been using Garmin Mobile PC for awhile now and love it! I wanted to start using Microsoft Streets and Trips again. I just noticed that when I am navigating down the road that the map street labels, street outlines and my current GPS arrow will refresh or blink every few seconds? Is this normal?
slkeranen said that they "refresh or blink." This, to me at least, isn't the same thing as disappearing entirely.

A certain amount of blinking is to be expected when using S&T. You don't even have to be navigating to notice it. Just drag the map around when zoomed in close and you'll see the same effect.

The core graphics engine in Streets & Trips is well over ten years old now, and is long overdue for some fundamental improvements.
Kilroy was here
I found that the trouble could be with the GPS Trail option. If the GPS Trail gets to be to long it starts causing trouble. I started with a fresh map with no GPS Trail and the problem went away.
The trail option works best in small doses. In my experience, a log trail and many pushpins is a recipe for problems. That suggests to me weaknesses in the program's storage management. However, we know that MSFT will not be fixing this.
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