DeLorme Introduces Photo Geo-Tagging with New Topo USA 7.0 DVD Software
Marvin Hlavac
Here's an important press release I missed a couple of weeks ago:


DeLorme Introduces Photo Geo-Tagging with New Topo USA® 7.0 DVD Software

New GPS Feature for Professional Photographers and Recreational Users

YARMOUTH, Maine — DeLorme, the leading digital mapping, software, and GPS provider, now offers photo geo-tagging with its Topo USA 7.0 mapping software. Company representatives will be on hand to demonstrate how geo-tagging works at the PEPCOM Digital Experience! 2008 press event in Las Vegas on Sunday evening, January 6th.

“The ability to precisely locate photos and include their time stamp on detailed DeLorme topographic maps adds a new dimension to a variety of outdoors activities including geocaching, nature photography, and search-and-rescue operations,” comments Caleb Mason, DeLorme Marketing Director.

“Using the DeLorme Earthmate® PN-20 handheld GPS with our just-released Topo USA 7.0 software included, it’s easy to create detailed topographic maps with photos from a digital camera showing exactly where you’ve been.”

Ideal for Geocaching

The combination of the DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-20, Topo USA 7.0 software, and a digital camera adds a whole new level of fascination and fun to geocaching. Include geo-tagged images on detailed topographic maps on blogs, forums, and a variety of Web 2.0 online communities, including www.eartha.com.

Show people exactly where you’ve been and when you were there. This complete solution from DeLorme now offers new enhancements for geocaching, including the ability to import cache details and hints directly into Topo USA and view in 2-D and 3-D on a variety of maps and aerial imagery sources. Search, organize, and view all of the details about the caches. Even create a driving route to the trailhead. Sync all cache details, hints, and maps to the PN-20 GPS.

Use the PN-20 to navigate to the trailhead, then to find the cache. Use other map types, such as color aerial imagery, to help find the cache - the realistic terrain view can make all the difference. If you still need help, the Hint is right there on the PN-20. Name, Owner, Type, Difficulty, Terrain, Description, and Hints all sync and display, to be viewed while out finding a cache. Hints can be up to 200 characters on the PN-20, soon to be up to 800. Sync several map and imagery types as well - a unique and helpful feature of the PN-20.
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