Maps (routable or raster) needed for Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania...
Here are links to some free maps web sites that I have found.

Next month we are going to New Zealand for 2 months.

I have found this site that has a free routable map of NZ:

NZ Open GPS Project

In March we are going to Europe for 4 months. We will pick up our leased Renault in Paris.


RenaultUSA - Car rentals in Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland ...)


Peugeot Lease in Europe with Kemwel

We recommend a diesel Renault because:

* diesel is significantly cheaper than petrol in most countries in Europe (E0.95/L vs E1.30/L)

* diesel fuel economy is significantly better. We got 4.5L/100km (53 mpg US, 63mpg Imperial) from our 1.5L Renault Clio station wagon.

* Renaults only need to be serviced, which the renter pays for, after 20,000km. Peugeot is 10,000km and Citroen is 1500km. Steer clear of Citroen. Only an issue with Peugeot if you're going to do more than 10,000km. We did 18,500km in 4 months including the time we couldn't drive because I was in plaster (see below).

We are going to follow the Rhine from the mouth in Holland to the source in Switzerland. Then we will follow the Danube from the source in Germany to the mouth in Romania. We will follow the Black Sea coast through Bulgaria and Turkey to the Georgian border and then return via the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Greece and Italy.

MapPoint covers the route as far as Austria as well as Greece and Italy.

I need maps, either routable or raster, for Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Turkey.

This site:

Maps | ???????!

has scanned Soviet Union era maps that have a .map georeference file so they can be used in OziExplorer. One gotcha is they are all in Russian.

After a bit of practice it's not too hard to read Cyrillic: Beha = Vena = Vienna.

Before we went to Europe in March this year for 4 months I downloaded all of Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and Turkey.

We were going to do the trip described above but I didn't get to use them because while in Holland I partially detached my Achilles Tendon running up stairs and turning sharply on the landing. I had to have surgery. I spent 6 weeks in plaster and had to have physiotherapy for 4 weeks.

We got to see a lot more of Holland than we had anticipated. It was great. There are some gorgeous little villages. The scenery leaves a bit to be desired though. Flat, flat, flat.

Starting in November next year we are going to take 3 months to drive from California to Panama and back.

After that trip our Spanish should be up to making the big 6 month South America trip in 2011. We will start in Chile and visit ...

Last night I found the site below from Argentina. It has a large number of maps that cover the areas I'm interested in. I haven't downloaded any yet, it was too late, so I don't know how good they are.

Los mapas para GPS de Negrazon y Chaveta - INICIO

In pseudo-English

Google Translate

I hope this info is useful to some of you.

Does anyone know of any sites that have free maps covering the countries we are going to visit?

Andrew Watson
Perth, Western Australia
Marvin Hlavac
Andrew, which version of MapPoint do you have? I think the current 2009 version does have quite decent coverage of Slovakia, and likely Hungary coverage is just the same. Serbia and Romania may not be as great, but certainly you have at least the major roads there. And depending on when you need it, you may even be able to purchase the next 2010 version, which hopefully will have even better map coverage of Eastern Europe. About