RouteBuddy - GPS enabled mapping application for Apple Mac OS X
Marvin Hlavac

A version 2.0 of this mapping program has just been released today (January 2008). This is, as far as I know, the only GPS navigation program for Apple Mac operating system.

Are there any Mac users around here? Has anyone tried the previous version? Would people be better off running a Windows GPS program on their Mac, or is RouteBuddy an application worth looking into?
The biggest issue I see is price. ~$100 for the base app and ~$60 for US map.

The only people I see being interested in this product would be either those who have a PowerPC-based Mac (and OS X 10.4 or 10.5) or those who have an Intel-based Mac, have not yet invested in a PC virtualization app (either Parallels or VMWare), and are NOT interested in doing so.

A query to the developer regarding pricing versus a PC virtualization solution (on Intel-based Macs) was met with a crabby response.

A demo is available but it is very crippled - only two maps are available (Yosemite Valley and Santa Fe, NM) and an obnoxiously HUGE "DEMO" watermark persists as you navigate around.

Final answer: If you have an Intel-based Mac and are amenable to using Windows, then your best solution would be to get a PC virtualization app and a copy of Windows (for minimum fuss, Windows XP is best - but supplies are drying up fast) then pick and choose which PC mapping solution meets your needs.
Marvin Hlavac
RouteBuddy Ltd are pleased to announce the release of RouteBuddy 2.5, a major new update to their powerful GPS mapping program for Mac OS X.

RouteBuddy 2.5 adds support for raster topographic maps, making it an ideal tool for hiking, geocaching, or other outdoor activities.

Topographic maps can be viewed side-by-side with vector-based road maps, and this release also provides improved compatibility with Google Earth and includes a free sample topographic map. RouteBuddy’s topographic maps are based on high-quality USGS 1:24K paper maps, which have been seamlessly stitched together to form a single continuous digital map that covers entire states. The RouteBuddy Store now offers seven states, including California and Georgia, at a special introductory price of $29.99.

Additional states will be available shortly, and complete coverage of the United States is planned before the end of the year.

RouteBuddy 2.5 is available immediately, and a free demo is available from:

RouteBuddy costs $99.50, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Maps are available worldwide, and start at $24.99.

Comprehensive detail about 2.5 and our Topographic Maps can be found here:

About RouteBuddy Ltd
Founded in 2005, RouteBuddy Ltd have pioneered the development of native GPS mapping software for Mac OS X.

By bringing high-precision map data to Apple’s unique platform, RouteBuddy aim to take full advantage of Mac OS X technologies such as Quartz graphics and multi-processing to develop powerful new mapping solutions for Mac users.
Current version is 3.5 - runs under the latest revision of OS X just fine.

Seems that satellite views have been incorporated as an option, but the demo is still as crippled as always, but at least they got rid of the huge "DEMO" watermark. The demo maps included also only includes a few of the major roads - further limiting the ability to evaluate the program.

The pricing continues to be in 2 parts - the program itself and a wide variety of maps (prices are in UK pounds, by the way). While the pricing for the maps is readily available, the pricing for the apps is only available through the "buy now" link in the app itself.

I stand by my original recommendation. Do NOT buy this program unless you still have a Mac with Power PC CPU or do not wish to have Windows on your Mac.

Otherwise, it is a far better approach to use Boot Camp (or VMware / Parallels), a valid copy of Windows, and any of the various mapping programs available on the Windows platform.
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