Undecided about which laptop mount and GPS receiver to buy
I set my mom up with a streetpilot 7000 with a modified ram mount and external antenna connected to it. Its a clean simple to attach single setup that I would like to copy.

I recently purchased a TC1100 off ebay for a song. Was thinking about a Ram Mount Tough Tray 1 (as I think the Tray 2 would be too small) but am stuck on what kind of suction cup to get. The one with one two or tree suction cups, the tablet is coming in the mail, but its said to be only a couple of pounds.

Do they make metal Ram Mount arms longer than 7"? I would like for her to be able to attach it to the windshield easily but have it far enough from the windshield to not obscure driving. Perhaps couple 2 arms with a double ball adapter I have seen?

I am torn on receivers too. Will most likely go with Garmin Mobile PC software. The BU353 seems to be a favorite everywhere I have looked, but what about the Garmin 20x or the Qstarz 818x? I think somthing that has to be charged is out, so most likely a usb solution would be desired. I have read that 5hz to 10hz is more desirable to 1hz. I would like things to be smooth.

Sorry for all the questions, its just that I like to have the most information to make a good decision. (which actually means I like to maul over stuff until the people around me no longer desire to be around me)
As far as I know the tc1100 is the same size as the tx2000 and should fit in the Tough Tray II. I haven't tried the suction cup mount but Marvin can comment on that as he also has a TX2000.(After a quick look, the tc1100 is actually smaller).

If you don't want to have to recharge the GPS, stick with USB. For Garmin Mobile PC, the best bet would be buying it as a package with the 20x. It will do the job just fine. I think the BU-353 is a bit better but in most cases it won't matter.

You would have to go with Bluetooth to get better than 1 Hz refresh. There are dual purpose devices such as the iTrek M7 and QStarz BT-Q890 that are both BT and USB. However their data rate on USB (115,200 bps) exceeds the range of Mobile PC which tops out at 38,400 bps. Also, there is little or no advantage in refresh rates over 1 Hz. Smoothness is only important when you are moving and watching the screen closely (or exceeding 100 mph on a regular basis).

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Marvin Hlavac
frostypepper, :welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

I'd go with one of the no-drill mounts, if at all possible, rather than experimenting with a suction cup mount for something as heavy as my HP tx2000.

The Tough Tray II is OK. And I tested a triple suction cup by RAM Mount - it is very very strong and reliable. But I didn't like how think was the arm between the suction cups and the tray. It just didn't look right. Some people could say it was obstructing the driver's view a bit.
Thanks so much for the replies, I really appreciate the help.

I was going to stick with a suction mount for its size and ease of changing vehicles. Though now I will look into different solutions just to make sure.

Could someone perhaps shed some light on how secure the tough tray 2 would hold a tablet? I know the width would be fine, its just not having fingers holding all four sides leaves me with some reservations. I would most likely have the tablet in a landscape and definitely wouldn't want it just falling out after hitting a bump.

Marvin do you happen to know a rough size of the triple mount? Did your tough tray 2 have the straight or curved arms on the sides and are they padded or have rubber for gripping the held item?

Thanks tcassidy for the receiver info, I may just make it easy and get a 20x or bu353. Do you happen to know if I need extra software to make the bu353 work with Mobile PC?

Thanks again to all for the help.
I only used fingers on the top and bottom when I had the tx2000 in landscape mode. It seemed stable enough but I didn't use it for long enough to say it was ok.

There are 2 versions of Mobile PC, one that comes with a GPS ( USB 20x or Bluetooth 10x) and a software only package. The software only version will work with virtually any GPS without additional software. The hardware version will only work with the included GPS.

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