Drivers for ALK CoPilot Live 11 USB GPS (Philips)?
I bought my wife a new Laptop and took her old one to use for Copilot. Problem is I can't find the install disk for Copilot. So I deactivated it and copied the app from the XP Tablet I had it on and copied it to her Vista 32 bit laptop. I re-entered the registration code and activated it. Everything good so far. But then I put in the USB GPS (Philips) and Vista wants the drivers. I thought since it was a USB software GPS it didn't need drivers. Anyway I sent an email to ALK but I don't expect much help from them. I'm not sure how we lost the software in a 40ft motorhome but we did. I'll keep looking but in the mean time does anyone have a solution or advise?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi our_vue,

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I'd suggest to phone ALK on Monday, or ask them via email (Tel: 609-252-8154 Email: techsupport@alk.com).
Yeah, sent them an email before requesting help here, never have had much luck in reaching them by phone, just thought someone might have a better answer. Still looking for the Disk, I know it's here somewhere, should have made a backup but hind sight is 20/20.
Hi our_vue,

Let me know if you ever get one. I also have a CoPilot GPS lying around with no driver to use it.
I have the software, the drivers are on my disc. I saved them in a self extracting winzip file and I can email them to you if you'd like. Just PM with your email address.
I need those drivers also. Could I please get them ?
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