64 bit laptop cannot run DeLorme Emulator
I have DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2009 with Earthmate LT-40 which works fine. I recently purchased MS Streets and Trips without the MS GPS receiver to use with the LT-40 and installed the DeLorme Serial Emulator on my old 32 bit laptop and it works well.

However, I also purchased a 64 bit laptop and the DeLorme Serial Emulator will not run on it.

What can I do to get the Earthmate LT-40 to work with MS Streets and Trips on my 64 bit laptop?
From my reading of this problem on forums, you can't make that combination work until Delorme updates the serial emulator. Programs such as GPS Gate will not work directly with the LT-40. You will have to consider buying another GPS device for now.

Thanks Terry. I guess IŽll just have to use my old XP laptop. The DeLorme Street Atlas works but it sometimes gives screwy results when planning trips. (Have to go in and manually correct some obvious misdirections.)

I was going to try MS Streets and Trips on my last trip, but did not have time to check out why my Earthmate would not work with it. I found the DeLorme Serial Emulator after the trip!

My old laptop is about 6 to 8 years old and a little sluggish compared to the new laptops. Even so, Street Atlas has no problem giving me the proper directions enroute (after I fix the original routing errors.)

I just thought I would try Streets and Trips to see if their route planning was better than DeLorme.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Randy,

If you wish to try Microsoft Streets & Trips.

I just had a first look at the upcoming DeLorme Street Atlas 2010, and the first impression was good. We should have some information and screenshots posted just before the product is launched in few days.
I have never tried route planning with Street Atlas. That function with Streets & Trips is where that program originated and is excellent.

You can get a very good USB GPS for $40ish. We like the GlobalSat BU-353. However, if you are considering upgrading S&T, you can get a reasonable USB GPS included in the package.

It is often less hassle to throw hardware at a problem than to hack together a software solution. And, given today's prices, you may come up ahead if you place a value on your time.
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