Problem installing Streets and Trips 2009
Al Nelson
Well, I finally decided to bite the bullet and install my Streets & Trips 2009 in my laptop before I head out on a trip to Vancouver Island. To make some space on the hard drive, (It's only 10 gig), I uninstalled the old S&T 2005. That would still leave me with S&T 2007 as a backup if 2009 did noy work. Inserted th S&T '09 disc and got the message that in order to install S&T 2009, I would have to have "Windows XP Service pack 2" installed. What is service pack 2 and how do I get it on my laptop?
To complicate matters, since uninstalling Streets & Trips 2005, my S&T 2007 no longer works. Unless I can resolve this, I will be driving all the way from Winnipeg to Victoria next month without my GPS.
Al Nelson
I re-installed S&T 2007 and now when i click the icon to open an S&T file, the 2007 window comes up for about one second then just closes. I tried right clikc and "Open With" SA&T 2007, same result. I guess 2007 will not run unless 2005 is also installed so I am re-installing it. But with both 2005 and 2007 installed, I don't have enough hard drive space to load the 2009.
Hi Al,

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Are you able to connect your laptop to the internet? That is going to be the best way to download "XP SP2" (or SP3).

Once you are connected to the internet visit http://update.microsoft.com and follow the instruction to check for updates and download the needed Service Pack. These service packs update your OS with some needed components required to run Streets & Trips. The download and installation process can take some time...just saying.

Keep us posted and we'll help out with suggestions whereever we can.

Pretty big download. Up to 313 MB. Take you over ten hours (up to a day) over modem.

You can order a CD of SP3 from Microsoft for $4 CAD. Unfortunately, the shipping (via Purolator) costs much more than the CD: $10 CAD.

Al Nelson
Unfortunately, my broadband internet will not work with my laptop. What I did do was download Service pack 3 to my desktop, load it onto my portable hard drive then download it into the laptop. First problem was that although I showed 2.8 gig available laptop hard drive space, SP3 told me it did not have enough free space to install. so I cleaned virtually everything out of my laptop, including S&T 2005 and S&T 2007. This worked, SP3 installed.
Now, tried to install S&T 2009 but I get the message that:
"To install this program you must have:

When I click on OK to this message, the following comes up:

Very frustrating.

I have the same Windows XP in both my desktop and laptop. All versions of S&T, including 2009 work fine on the desktop, but only 2005 runs on the laptop without problems. I can get 2007 to run, but only if I have 2005 installed as well.

I was hoping to take advantage of 2009s improved coverage of Mexico this winter when we drive down there but that looks unlikely now.
Al Nelson
Just tried again to install S&T 2009 and I note that the three items that the message says I must have are part of the S&T 2009 instalation. These are the first components the CD installs but as the other message says, one of them fails to install.
Went back and re-installed 2005 and 2007 which in combination worked before. Now neither one of them will open. The opening screen comes up for about a second then just disappears.
Al Nelson
Finaly got the program to install on my laptop, but I can not get it to open. When I try to run it I get the error message:

Error 1406 could not write value to key\CO(in here is series of about 30 garbled characters) _22ca9ad9\downlevel_manifest
Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.

The Microsoft support website was of little help, tried sending them an e-mail through their CONTACT US button but they wanted the product code first. I inserted the product code from the "About MS Streets" menu but it just says that is not a valid product code.
Maybe someone from Microsoft will read this and figure out what this key business is.
There seem to be a lot of problems with this computer.

May I suggest that you move all the important data off the hard drive, reformat it, and install a fresh copy of Windows (you did keep the original system restore discs, right?). Then install SP3. Then install S&T 2009 (and no other version).

If there are a lot of problems with system files, then doing install after uninstall after install may just be making things worse. Better to start fresh. Especially since you seem to have time available right now to do installs and uninstalls. You can save a lot of aggravation that way.
Al Nelson
I think that would be the solution, unfortunately when you buy a computer these days, you don't get the discs. But I think that would be the ultimate solution. I have had problems with S&T before on this computer and the only thing I use it for is Streets & Trips. When I first acquired it several years ago, I put S&T 2005 in it and it worked fine. Later, I installed S&T 2007 and it also worked OK. So then to save space, I un-installed the 2005 version and the 2007 version quit working. A computer shop was able to get 2007 to work by re-installing S&T 2005. It seemed like there was something missing in the 2007 program that it needed to access 2005 for, If I can find the disc maybe I will re-install it and see what happens.

Ken in Regina

If this is a laptop many of them have a hidden partition with the original installation stuff on it. The manufacturer's web site usually has instructions on how to recover to a fresh system using the hidden partition.

Al Nelson
Spent an hour and a half on the phone with Microsoft Tech support today, a very thorough guy in India. He went through the whole system, Deleted virtualy everything and started from scratch. The program installed but when you try to open it, We still get "Error 1406", and he had no idea what that was. They dont have a code for "Error 1406". In the end, he stated that there is probably some incompatability between the program and my computer and it will probably not be possible to run S&T on it. He said he would consult with his colleagues and call me back if they can come up with anything.
After using S&T in one version or another for many years, on an almost daily basis,
looks like I am now out of business with GPS. I'll have to get another computer or probably better, cost wise, to go to a stand-alone GPS like Garmin or TOm-TOM.
I was planning on driving to Puerta Vallarta this winter, thats why I decided to finaly install S&T 2009, for it's superior coverage in Mexico. Anyone know what the mexico coverage is like on these other units?
Windows Installer error 1406 occurs when installing software

The Nuvis have no Mexico coverage but a separate CD is available from Garmin just for Mexico which could be added. No idea about TomTom.

Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by taoyue
There seem to be a lot of problems with this computer.

May I suggest that you move all the important data off the hard drive, reformat it, and install a fresh copy of Windows...

Al, save your time and money. Reformat the hard drive, reinstall Windows, and all should be better than ever.
Al Nelson
Tried the reformat, still had the same Error message. When even microsoft gives up, it's time to change the hardware. Went out to buy a new laptop, the one I had decided on was sold out. After hearing what I wanted to use it for, salesman talked me into a 11.6 inch NETBOOK, with a six hour battery. Absolutely ideal if basicaly all you are using it for is S&T. Fits in the car beautifully. Only drawback, I had to also get an external CD/DVD to load software. Still, total was $445 with tax, just about the same as the laptop. Highly recomend the netbooks, (especialy the 11.6 inch models) for S&T use in a vehicle. Would also be a lot handier to use on an airline than a full size laptop. (Unless of course you can afford to travel up in the pointy end in first class.)
Thanks for all your advice.
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