Suggestions for next version of iGuidance 4.1
Just purchased the software and love it. Below is a letter I sent to customer service suggesting new features....

The most inconvenient thing I have found thus far is the Destination -> Address -> Street First / City First lookup option. What I would like to suggest is that an option be added that allows the user to create a list of City/States from which to look up addresses from. I find searching ALL of a state for “Main St.” or “Oak St.” is ineffective and time consuming, and having to type in a city name for every lookup frustrating. If instead the user could create a list of City/State to restrict the lookup searches, time and effort would be greatly reduced.

Below, “My Cities” would present a screen that a user could enter Cities that they frequent often. While the “My Shortcuts” would allow the user to categorize groups of destinations that they favor.

For the Main Menu I’d like to suggest the following:

Destination My Shortcuts

Itinerary My Cities

Settings iNav Shortcuts
Display Options
Route Options
GPS Info
Speed Alert

On the Destination / Address screen I would like to suggest the following:

Select Input Method
California [Chg State]

My Cities Select From My Cities

Street First City First


These options would allow a user to select an option to find a street in any of “My Cities”, select a specific city from the list of “My Cities”, or still use the existing options found in iGuidance. As you also know there are many streets that run from City to City, and even from State to State. The addition of these options would be fantastic for those users that live near boarding state lines or live in compacted counties where there are many small cities (IE: Irvine area). An alternate option could possibly be limiting searches by county; however this would not be nearly as flexible.

Another request I have is to provide for the UMPC / Laptop users the option to have a QUERTY Keyboard; this would be a big blessing. After 30 years of using computers, the ABC keyboard is VERY difficult to navigate.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Dan,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World forums!

1. I wonder if the issue could be solved for you (and many others) if the "City First" option took into consideration not just the one single city you type in, but also all the surrounding cities. (This could be an optional feature.) Sometimes a street address you are searching for may be just across the street, but the other side of the street may be technically already a different city. I think I would welcome such option.

2. Qwerty: YES!!!. For a PPC or PND users, perhaps I can see a slight advantage of the ABC keyboard used on a small screen, but a Tablet PC and most UMPC users are not limited to such small screen size. The PC and the UMPC version could have Qwerty, imho
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