Recreate a trip from GPX files in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010
As an exercise, I decided to attempt to recreate a trip taken in 2008 from Toronto to Ogden Utah with lots of sightseeing along the way, using historical GPX files I have saved and Streets and Trips 2010.

Caution is advised, as I was dealing with two weeks of driving, lots of sightseeing detours, and over a hundred thousand points recorded at one per second while driving and while stopped, between the start of a day and the end of a day.

1. Streets and Trips does not import the date or time of each point, meerly its location. As a result you do not know if you stopped someplace for a bathroom break, or food, or photos or sightseeing, just by looking at the blue line that reflects where you were via the import of the GPX file.

2. I saved after each day both as an .EST file and as a new .GPX file. I then took that GPX file into RouteConverter and removed the blue line by deleting the track. I left the waypoint list and the route. Then when I imported the GPX file again into Streets and Trips I eliminated thousands of points and the prior line of travel, and could start with the next day's route. In this instance I always saved as Trip to Ogden.est and Trip to Ogden.gpx and from RouteConverter saved as Trip To Ogden A.gpx, which is what I then loaded into Streets and Trips 2010.

3. When you import this way, Streets and Trips 2010 does NOT retain stop information, so I renamed overnight stops by tacking 1nt at the end of the name of the stop. Then, once everything has been imported and marked, you can go back and set the stops, both overnight and lunch stops, should you so choose.

4. If you give your pushpins specific icons you will lose those as the pushpins will revert to the default for the pushpin set if you use this method as well. Wait until the entire trip has been reconstructed to use unique icons for individual pushpins.


1. Set the start of the trip and end of the trip points as start and end. For the first and last days, confirm the choice of location after you import the GPX file that covers that day.
1. Import first GPX file.
2. Set your stop at the end of the first day where you actually stopped.
If the place is not a choice, such as:
a motel that is not included, or
a campground that is simply not included by S&T,
add a pushpin where it should be and describe it accurately.
3. Carefully look at the route to find where you made stops. Mark them and describe them via Rename if need be.
I found using RouteConverter with the same GPX file that I imported into Streets and Trips useful
RouteConverter shows the speed for each point and will generate it if need be, so stops stood out.
4. Compare the route that S&T generates to the route you took. You may need to drag the route line to match what you really did.
5. When you are done for that day [which in my case sometimes used more than one GPX file import] save as per my opening point 2.
6. Import that GPX file in and double check that the route has held as you drove it. I've seen S&T change the route on occasion. If need be drag more stops, which I renamed via xxxx st to make it clear that they were artificial stops.
7. Save again and this time delete the track and then import again, the much smaller file. In some instances I effectively remove more than 2 megs of file size by deleting the track.

Basically, repeat the import of a GPX file, setting up the end point for that file as a stop, and then get the points between to match to the trip you really drove.

With a number of stops that were needed to get between A and B the way we really had to drive, I often resorted to via xxxx or photostop xxxx and, when we stopped at a restaurant or motel, added coffee lunch dinner 1nt or some other indicator of the stop.
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