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Add Ability to Plan Gas Stops
For 4 years I have been requesting the ability to Plan gas stops in Microsoft Streets and Trips, and have the next gas stop recommendation based on the distance/MPG from the last Gas Stop.

It should work the same way it does for overnight stops. Once you indicate a overnight stop it calculates the next overnight stop recommendation from that last overnight stop.

The logic already exists. Why is this so difficult?
I like this idea too. But i wonder--how where you put in your trip where you actually last filled up. I drive a gas motorhome, 36' with a towed and finding when, and most importantly WHERE i can get in and out is a chore.

I've asked for this same feature and honestly I don't know why you would build into the program the ability to predict where you'll need gas if you can't give the user a way to tell the program where you got gas last.

To me the easy way to implement this would be to have a checkbox when you create a stop in your route that is for refueling. So in the stop properties dialog for your route there would be a check box that says "refuel" or something to that affect.

Would that work for people?

That would work for me--we just need something to "tell" Streets & Trips when we fill up. We would have to add a "Fuel Stop" every time we fill up. Then Streets & Trips would calculate when we would next need to fill up. But I think it would be a "Fuel Stop" label, vs a regular Stop.

Well I'm not sure you need another type of stop. I would use the regular stop but in the properties for that stop you could designate it as a fuel stop. Maybe that could add something to the stop icon to signify that but for me I don't need it. If I've gone to the trouble to schedule it I know where I'm stopping for gas.

Currently the closest thing that would help would be to turn on the refuel warnings in the route options dialog.
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I would not use a stop to be linked in any how with a refuel. Personnaly, i am not following a planned stop for refuel (it is always unplanned exception is if i am travelling in a zone where there are no possible refuels for hundred km).

I like actually S&T refuel warning that is warning me following my criteria, when i should refuel. The only think that is missing i guess is a button or a choice in the menu somewhere to indicate that i have just refuel full tank so the actual warning feature can be used again...
Originally Posted by MisterMoonlight
The only think that is missing i guess is a button or a choice in the menu somewhere to indicate that i have just refuel full tank so the actual warning feature can be used again...
Yes, this is an issue with this feature.

Any refuel-warning-users have a suggested work-around for this one?
You can read that old thread that suggest a couple of ways to modify the refuel warning feature in S&T:


Here are my suggestions based of what i have read on this thread for a future version of S&T:

1- Manual way to reset the fuel counter. Add a button on the tool bar, a shortcut key and a menu choice in the route menu to reset the fuel counter.

2- Add an option when scheduling a stop to indicate that a refuel reset is needed

3- Add an optionnal refuel icons on the map and not just in the driving directions so while driving in full screen, i can see the refuel warning pts on the map.

4-Stops automatically resetting the fuel counter at the beginning of the travel and why not display an indication of the estimated fuel gauge so we can see it.

Option 1 will allow for a user like me to use the refuel warning and plan a little the refuel point by looking in the route, and reset the counter when i really refuel. Option 2 will allow user like explained in the thread i talked above to plan the refuel stop on the map, specially usefull for a large truck who cannot refill everywhere and need a good planning. A message can be displayed (and/or with voice guidance) while navigating at a stop which has the refill option selected so the user can know that he will refill there. Option 3 will help any user using that feature. Option 4 is to avoid that the fuel counter resets when we need to change the route for any reason

Larry said:
Any refuel-warning-users have a suggested work-around for this one
Here a workaround to reset the fuel counter in the current 2009-2010 versions:

Yes there is one kind of workaround but not easy to use. But here it is. The fuel is automatically reset each time the route is recalculated. When you are starting the travelling the first time, it assumes the tank was filled. When driving around the route, never modify the route or add a new stop in anyway. When a refill is made, just delete the previous stops in the route and recalculate the route from current gps position. It will refill the fuel gage and the fuel warnings will appear calculated from the new current gps position... I guess (but never verify it because i don't use the autoreroute option) that the autoreroute option should be turn off when using the refuel warning feature (and not using the F3 key neither which does the same thing)...

For user using S&T Keys, once the route is defined, start navigation with the F5 key. Then never use anything else than <pause> key if you want to pause/start the gps. Once a refill is needed, you may delete your old stop point with the <delete> key if there is a single point, or <pause> the gps navigation and delete manually all previous stop pts before your current gps location and press F5 to recalculate a new route at the refill fuel point and continue navigation. This will effectively recalculates all refuel warnings from the new current gps location.

The only problems with these workarounds is that you must never do anything that can change the route (like adding a new stop) until a refill is needed to avoid resetting the refuel warning when not really refilling
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