How to print the addresses of Stops in Microsoft Streets and Trips
Does anyone know if Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 allows better printing options for directions? I too am displeased with the printing of version 2009. All I want to print most of the time is the addresses. This is one of the main reasons I am exploring other programs.
While I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve, there is one 2010/2009 change that might be helpful.

Now in Streets and Trips 2010, you can rename the Stops. Therefore, you can rename the stops anything you like and then print the directions which will then be a list of your newly-created Stop names.
All I am trying to do is simply print a list of the addresses in the order that Microsoft Streets and Trips routed them in. Why does one need turn by turn directions if using a GPS receiver? In my job I have anywhere from 12 to 40 stops a day covering a radius of 10 to 40 miles. It would be nice to have a list in route order all on one page. I do insurance inspections for banks and mortgage companies.

I discovered you could rename stops. That's a good thing. Now I can make a stop from coordinates and rename it to an address or other name. Having all the addresses on one page maybe with a blank line between them would be great. I can do that now since you told me about the copy process to Word. I tried that and it works good with a little bit of editing.

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... Why does one need turn by turn directions if using a GPS receiver? ...
MSFT's S&T really is for the planning a route and then following it and less about documenting a history of your stops. I am not sure what you start with; is it nav co-ordinates or is it addresses? Do you know where you are supposed to go before you start out on your day of work? Or is your route being constantly up-dated, perhaps by someone else? S&T might help you optimize your stops before you start your day, if that fits with what you are doing, as there is an "Optimize Route" feature.

There is one other features that might be useful: you can get a location fix (a Stop) while you are on your route. S&T will calculate your planned route with that new Stop incorporated. For instance, you stop, you do your insurance inspection, and then you mark that location, perhaps re-naming it on the spot, and proceed to the next location.

You really ought to download the free 60-day trial version of S&T 2010 and play around with it to see if there is something there for you. Other than the time it would take, there is no real downside to doing that.
A further thought on printing.

Rather than copy the directions into a Word files, it might be easier to copy the directions into an Excel (or similar) spread sheet because you can then easily delete the rows that have the turn-by-turn data. Select the unwanted rows to highlight and then delete.
Mick, I did a little exercise to see if I could replicate your task.

First, I went to Verizon.net to find people in Reading, PA with the same name as my great grandfather, Fisher, on the premise that I was calling on each to interview them about their family histories. To keep the numbers down, I confined my search to one zip code: 19601. That produced 16 addresses which I copied and pasted into Streets & Trips 2010 at Add to route. I also assumed I was staying at the Hampton Inn and that I would make my first visit at 9:00 a.m.

I then optimized the stops and calculated the route ("get directions"). That produced a route as attached.

Finally, I copied that (right-click copy) and pasted that into an empty Excel spreadsheet. I deleted all the rows that did not have addresses of stops and the Miles column and I did a Find and Replace to find all "Arrive" and replaced that with just a space. That produced this ready for printing:

9:00 AM 1237 Carbon St, Reading, PA 19601
9:22 AM 1235 Carbon St, Reading, PA 19601
9:47 AM 440 W Oley St, Reading, PA 19601
10:11 AM 432 W Greenwich St, Reading, PA 19601
10:36 AM 421 Woodward St, Reading, PA 19601
11:00 AM 501 Washington St, Reading, PA 19601
11:22 AM 50 N 4th St, Reading, PA 19601
11:44 AM Madison Ave, Reading, PA 19601
12:07 PM 633 Court St, Reading, PA 19601
12:30 PM 45 N 10th St, Reading, PA 19601
12:52 PM 40 N 10th St, Reading, PA 19601
1:18 PM 1051 N 5th St, Reading, PA 19601
1:40 PM 1647 N 5th St, Reading, PA 19601
2:06 PM 127 W Oley St, Reading, PA 19601
2:32 PM 503 Curtis Ave, Reading, PA 19601
2:55 PM 500 Lackawanna St, Reading, PA 19601
Driving distance: 13.4 miles
Trip duration: 6 hours, 26 minutes
Driving time: 34 minutes
Cost: $1.94

If this is remotely similar to your task, you should consider S&T 2010 to achieve your results.
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Thanks for the tip, that is cool. I purchased Streets & Trips 2010 yesterday. Last night I put in 211 addresses. It found them all except 2. I put those two into Google Earth. It found both of them so I used the coordinates for a stop and renamed those 2 to the address. The rename feature in 2010 is very handy.
It sounds like you are "on your way," Mick.

Good luck!
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