How to do RV routing in Microsoft Streets and Trips
I have an RV that is rather high. Does Street and Trips allow me to restrict which roads I can take to avoid low overhead bridges, etc
Marvin Hlavac
Hi jnbedford,

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The answer is NO and YES.

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 (and earlier versions) doesn't have a feature that automatically creates truck-specific routing, or routing for large vehicles, such as RVs, motorhomes, etc. However, Microsoft streets and Trips still remains a very popular software among RVers and truckers. The reason why this is is rather simple: S&T is an excellent trip planning software. It lets you modify the plotted route easily to fit your needs.

In various user communities you may find people sharing downloadable locations of low bridges, etc.

Here are as couple of links you may find interesting:

Thanks for the response. I checked out both sites, and it looks like this is perfect for me.
Marvin Hlavac
... and here's a bit more (sorry, it is in a .pdf file): RVing with Microsoft Streets and Trips
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