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Reset Fuel Odometer, Recalc Fuel Stops
I want to use Microsoft Streets and Trips to plan long distance motorcycle rides which means that I need to plan gas stops. I'd like the fuel calculation function to allow me to set the location where I'm stopping for fuel and then have S&T recalculate subsequent fuel stops.

For example, S&T indicates that I need a gas stop after 180 miles. I spot that on the map and the closest convenient stop is 194 miles. I create a pushpin at the gas station and mark that as a stop on the trip. I want to be able to indicate that the new stop is the required fuel stop and have S&T recalculate the next fuel stop based on the location of the push pin.

When I use a pushpin, Streets and Trips recalculates the route to include the pushpin/new stop so it doesn't seem like that much of a change to have it recalc fuel stops, as well.
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