How to get more detail in large printed maps in Microsoft Streets and Trips
We have a question about printed maps with Streets and Trips - any version.

It seems that what is printed is what you see on the screen, and no more.

So even if I fill the PC screen with the areas printed, and I print to a large format piece of paper like 11x17, there is still little details of town,s road, etc.

For example, let's say I have a map which covers several states. On the screen you might see major roads, 1 or 2 city names, and that's it. But when I print to 11x17 paper, the detail, or lack of it, is the same. There is a lot of dead space on the printed paper.

Any way to get more detail?

Ken in Regina
You pretty much have to zoom until the level of detail you want is displayed and do screen captures of multiple screens, then "glue" them together in something like MS Paint or your favorite graphics program and print a single page that way. Kind of like making a mosaic.

If you have a photo editing program that can "stitch" multiple photos together into a single panorama, that might work for you. I've used screen captures and the stitching feature of my photo manager that came with my digital camera to make a larger topo map from smaller screen shots at the desired resolution.

Some video card drivers allow you to set the screen resolution to be greater than the actual resolution of the display. If this is the case, then you could increase the size of the S&T window, combining a larger map area with a lower zoom level.

(Unfortunately, S&T restricts itself to the actual resolution of your display. So even though there are programs to set windows to arbitrary sizes, this probably wouldn't have any effect unless the screen resolution were increased at the video driver level.)
Thanks for all the great replies.

I do not have a photo editor, but I will look in to getting one.

On resolution, my notebook only goes to 1680 x 1050. I think on my next notebook I will look for 1 one much higher resolution. That might help too.

Thanks to all !
Marvin Hlavac
Lee, you might have tried this already, but just in case you haven't, and/or for the benefit of others who may read this thread in the future, there is one feature of Streets & Trips that may help with printing larger format maps:

  1. On the main menu click File > Save as Web Page
  2. In the Save as Web Page dialog box that opens up, indicate the desired size of your screenshot. The maximum the program allows is Width: 3,500 pixels, and Hight: 3,500 pixels.
  3. Click the Browse button to specify the location to save the file in, and then click OK to save it.

Here's a sample of a 3,500 pixels x 3,500 pixels large map .gif file created by following the above steps. The file is larger than your screen, so you may need to disable automatic image resizing feature of your web browser to see it without distortion.

In most cases this will achieve the needed results. If your needs require still larger format, or if you are for what ever reason not happy with the results you are getting, you may consider contacting Michael R. Mattys ( Mattys Consulting - Custom Programming ). As far as I know Michael is the only one who specializes on creating custom screenshots and prints from Microsoft Streets and Trips, Microsoft AutoRoute, and Microsoft MapPoint.
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