Show Information Button Not Active? MS Streets & Trips 2008
I am running Streets & Trips 2008. I have discovered that I can specify particular roads to use in a route by identifying a road with the "Show Information" button and, then, adding it to the route. [This is sort of like using the "Via" button in Delorme Street Atlas 2010.] However, the Show Information button is not normally active, i.e. available to be selected for use. I am having to go into the "Find" function and bump around until the Show Information button lights up to be available for selection.

How is the Show Information Button normally accessed/activated?

Thanks for your help.
Found the answer to my own question... Just place the hand cursor over the road and click it... Duh... A pop up window opens with road choices... Highlight the appropriate one and it goes to the route address bar where it can be added to the route...
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