Software driver needed for an unknown USB GPS receiver
Terry Le Quesne
Just checking in, Hi to everybody, this is a first for me, but important as we have had Navigator 8 Europe for about a year, having upgraded from Navigator 4, but seem to have great problems in finding a driver that is compatible. None of the ones supplied on the Disc are accepted by my Laptop, (Acer 5735). Somehow we got it up and running, when Touring from April 14th to June 28th, around Spain and Portugal, but it was forever crashing, and finally caused the Laptop to go wrong, I have just finished wiping the Hard Drive and reloading and again it is refusing to load any Driver. Any ideas friends? I think somewhere I saw, PDA Driver not available, does that mean something? Where am I going wrong, when the programme is working, its great any suggestions please are welcome
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Terry Le Quesne,

Welcome to the forums.

Do you have a model number of the GPS receiver you need a driver for?
Terry Le Quesne
Hi Marvin
No, it was supplied by the dealer on purchase of the Navigator 4 just over three years ago, a little round device 5 1/2 cms (2") across, magnetic base, with GPS letters on siver base
Terry Le Quesne
Hi Marvin,
Yes me again, my wife discovered the following numbers on the USB Connecter, RS-USB-HT M818050 ce V02 hope that helps
The GPS sure sounds like a BU-353 but I don't think you want to use that other part. Try plugging the USB cable directly into the computer USB port. You probably want a basic PL2303 USB to COM driver.

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