HELP! Samsung UMPC + GPS software for Australia, NZ, UK, EU
G'day from Australia.

Quick intro, my name is Scott, I have a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC and wish to get a GPS app for it to replace my TomTom that regularly took random detours of no consequence and caused increasing frustration.
My partner and I are involved in motorsport (rally & circuit racing) and also do regular "drives" including interstate.

I have browsed around and I'm looking into OziExplorer, Street Atlas 2009, Garmin Mobile PC, Geolife Navmii and iNav iGuidance.

I'm trying to be thorough but I'm leaning towards iGuidance and Navmii with OziEplorer taking a growing interest.

Mandatory requirements:
Ease of use.
Must work with external bluetooth GPS device (Holux M-1200).
Standalone software that runs on Windows XP Pro.
Updateable maps worldwide.

Secondary requirements:
Not hugely expensive.

Any thoughts, related experiences or advice would be appreciated.

I do apologise for not delving more into searching the forum but I'm the kind of person who opens the box and gets straight into using my new toy quite well without reading manuals - lucky? maybe, smart? no. Willing to learn - always.

Thanks in advance.
Happy trekking, see yo uon the road

You haven't made it clear where you propose to use the maps. iGuidance, and Steet Atlas don't offer an Australian product and I'm not sure about Navmii. OziExplorer would be ok as long as you don't want navigation features. Garmin does offer maps for Australia but you could not use them with Mobile PC unless you bought the version including a GPS or a local version is available.

Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by tcassidy
You haven't made it clear where you propose to use the maps.

Terry, I added the "for Australia" to the title while you were replying to Scott. If he tells us otherwise I will edit the title again.

:welcome: to the forums, Scott.
Sorry, I thought "G'day from Australia" would suffice.

Thanks for clarifying my title, all good.

Yes, I need this for Australia primarily but being in motorsport I also need New Zealand, England and Europe.
There were some posts about Garmin and maps for Australia about a year ago. I assume they are still current.

Thanks Terry, just following your link now to have a look. About