Garmin Etrex as GPS antenna for a laptop PC
I would like to use my laptop for gps guidance as I do alot of travelling around Ontario for my business. I have read most of the software reviews on this site which have been alot of help.

My question is in regards to the antenna portion of the system.

I also snowmobile and was looking to get a handheld unit like a Garmin Etrex for recreational purposes like tracking speed and distance while having the unit in my coat pocket. Could I use a device like this for an antenna for my pc/gps.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jeff,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World forums!

I have personally never owned a Garmin Etrex, but I've heard of people successfully using it as a GPS receiver for a laptop PC. If memory serves me well, it I believe involves using either a serial cable connection (but most laptops these days no longer have serial ports), or using a USB adapter of some kind. It could even work with a USB cable and Franson GPS Gate software.

However, if you have to buy anything for your Etrex to accommodate this function, you may be better off just buying a simple USB GPS receiver. They can be purchased for about $50 or even less these days. That's much less than they used to be few short years ago.
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