Do I need to be online for Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 to send to Garmin unit?
Do you need to be online for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 to send to your Garmin unit? It seems that is the case but wanted to be sure. I tried when I was online and it works but when I tried it offline obviously it can't get to the webpage it uses to load the GPS.

Can someone tell me if I simply missed something or if that is just how it works?

Here is the blog link that Gladwin provided to transfer a route as a gpx file from S&T 2010 to your Garmin Nuvi. No internet required. Is that what you needed?

How to send route points to your Garmin Nuvi

Sorry. Yes, I'm aware of how to use a GPX file to get the route for units that support the gpx format. What I was asking was the ability to use the "Send to GPS" feature offered in S&T 2010. Right now is seems like use MSN and the Garmin web browser plugin.

There may not be a way to do it but I just wanted to check before I gave up.

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by crazyst
Do you need to be online for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 to send to your Garmin unit?

does not have the necessary function built in. It uses one of MSN's online functions to do the transfer. So you have to be connected if you want to transfer directly to your Garmin unit.

As has been noted elsewhere, this does not apply to creating a GPX file to copy to the device.

(Marvin, this is a question that is going to get asked a thousand times over the next few months. You might want to consider making this post a sticky. I don't mean that as an insult to anyone. It's a strange and unusual requirement that most people will not be used to. So it's going to be asked quite innocently, just as a sanity check, as in this thread.)

Ken is correct. I think it will get asked a lot. I wasn't even going to ask because I knew the answer but I don't know everything so I thought I would post to find help on it. I didn't search a lot to see if someone had already asked the question.

Marvin Hlavac
This explains it well, too:
Originally Posted by Larry

In S&T 2010 there are actually 3 ways to transfer your waypoints from S&T to your Garmin.
  1. Wirelessly over MSN Direct (for those who have that service)
  2. Via USB
  3. Via GPX export from S&T and Importing into your device using POILoader.
Option 3 doesn't require any internet connection.

See more details on our blog: Send Data to your Personal Nav Device
I just added a link to this thread to Tips and Tricks for Streets and Trips.
Is it possible to do this with the Zumo? I can't seem to transfer Streets & Trips to mine. Of course I'm not computer savvy so it may be a problem with my skills as opposed to the Streets & Trips program.
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