Streets and Trips 2010: Mileages don't match in Directions and Navigation panes
I noticed something the other day in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 - the mileage shown on the Navigation view doesn't match the actual route summary after calculating the route. The time matches - just not the mileage.

I attached a screen capture from my current trip to illustrate.

Because it's hard to read, here's the breakdown:

Route calculation: 562.7 miles, 8 hours 20 minutes
Navigation View: 316.0 miles, 8:19hr
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Marvin Hlavac
Good catch, malaki86!

I tested it now from my current location (Toronto) to Mexico city. The Summary in the Directions pane indicates 4,147 KM, but in the bottom right corner of the Navigation pane I see 3,153 KM.

But anyone who charges their customers per mile, do not rejoice ! The higher mileage may actually be the correct one, at least that's what Streets & Trips 2009 also shows.
After catching that earlier and posting it, I was doing another route. Again, the time was showing correct, but the 2 distances were way off. It showed my next stop at around 87 miles when in fact it was well over 150 miles. It showed my Total Distance at about 600 miles when, after driving over 200 miles, is still 850 miles.
Ken in Regina
It almost sounds like it's reckoning the distance remaining based on a straight line instead of the remaining route.

Marvin Hlavac

Ken, you are a genius. I think you may very well be correct. Toronto to Mexico City S&T2010 shows the distance of approximately 4,100 KM in the Directions pane, but only about 3,100 KM in the Navigation pane. When I use the measuring tool in Streets & Trips, the straight line between the two cities is approximately 3,100 KM, the same as the new feature in the Navigation pane reports.

I think this should be corrected so the distance in the Navigation pane shows true driving distance remaining. Otherwise, as it is now it may only be useful to those who use Streets & Trips while flying.
I hope they release a fix to this, otherwise the mileages given in the Navigation view are completely useless.
Ah ha! This explains MSFT's choice of fonts for the lower right-hand corner of the Navigation Pane. Rather than mis-inform you with bad data, they made the font small so you couldn't see it.
I've got a few more doozies that the navigation view had totally screwed up. The best one showed something like 3.8 miles to the next stop - the next stop was actually 80+ miles. The next one showed something like 13 miles to the next stop and 14 to the destination. That'd been fine except that the next stop was 150+ miles and the final destination was 180+.

I'm glad I haven't purchased 2010 yet - I'm still running the demo.

Is there a dedicated Microsoft forum for 2010? I'd love to see if others are posting about this major issue.
Marvin Hlavac
Is there a dedicated Microsoft forum for 2010? I'd love to see if others are posting about this major issue.
No, you are the first one who noticed this issue with the Navigation pane reporting incorrect distance to destination.
Was this issue fixed in the final release of S&T 2010 ?
Marvin Hlavac
Deramax1, we are discussing the final version (the only version ever released to the public).

Thank you for the reply.

That is a very frustrating glitch to put up with, as it means that the mileage indicated to the next destination is totally useless when travelling down the road. I think that would drive me crazy knowing that it meant nothing. A constant reminder of the glitch that is right in your face everytime you look at the screen.

I am surprised that this deficiency has not driven other people crazy as well. Have others just simply resigned themselves to totally ignore that piece of information?

I surprised that Microsoft cannot or has chosen not to remedy that problem with an online update to the program. Can it really be that difficult? Construction information is downloaded on a regular basis as are updates or security improvements to other microsoft software programs.
We travel alot around the states and found that if we plan our route in small segments step by step the total milages matches.
I've been using ST 2010 for about a 2-3 months and I dont have this problem I drive a Truck and use it everyday.
eh, sorry to bring up an old thread, but I'm having this problem. Is there a fix? Should I download the newest version? I downloaded the demo 2010 when it first came out. I also started a new thread about this.
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