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Please FIX Route Segment Details
If your route has more stops than will fit on one page, the Route Segment Details stop printing out at the end of the first page and you end up needing to split the file into multiple files to get the complete list of Route Segment Details. I have a file for a trip from Toronto to Ogden, Utah with 151 stops that account for sightseeing along the way, stops at motels several times with side trips from those motels, and drag and drop corrections to the route to reflect actual driving. The printout stops at stop 58, which is the end of the first portrait page. If I use Landscape it is even a shorter listing before it stops. So for MY trip I would need to split the trip into three parts to get the correct Route Segment Details list.

I could, of course, remove the extra inserted stops and the repeats that take me back to a place I've been even though we stopped two nights and did numerous side trips, but I should not have to do that, and that reduces the accuracy of the map information substantially.

So as far as I am concerned this is a bug that needs to be fixed for the future, since it is too late to fix it for the 2010 release. For 2010, be prepared to split a long trip into parts to get a complete Route Segment Details List, but use the complete file for the maps and other material.

Is this a show stopper for me? Not really, but it is a bit of a pain in the rump for longer trips we plan, since we tend to micromanage our plans and do so well in advance of the trip. Planning a trip to Michigan right now and by the time we are done it may well have over 60 stops because of the way we cannot use VIA instructions in Streets and Trips, but need to rename various stops I put in to via x or deliberate detour, or whatever.
I now have the 2011 version and it does the same thing. In landscape mode it shows the first 42 segments of a 202 segment trip! So I need to split the trip into 5 chunks if I want the route segment details to be printed in full. This is NOT NICE! As I print to Bulzip I could print ALL of the route segment details and then decide what I actually want to print on paper from the PDF file. HELP... When will this be fixed so that all of the route segment details are contained in the one printout?
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