How does Streets & Trips handle GPS tracking?
After hard work, I finally finished my carputer setup. I tested out quite a few GPS programs on my desktop computer and have decided on S&T over iGuidance and Delorme Street Atlas 2008. I found SA2008 too difficult to use and overly tedious to do the most simple things. And iGuidance was too "kiddie" for me if you get me... Anyway, S&T was right up my alley. Simple and user friendly...

Anyway, I had a questions regarding how it handles GPS tracking. When you open up Streets and Trips, will the GPS automatically place me on the map and start tracking me even without a route/trip/destination entered? Before my carputer setup I had my Magellan Maestro GPS unit in my car and I got used to pressing the power button and after a minute or two, my location was mapped and it tracked me.

Reason I ask is when I close down S&T and then reopen it at a later time, the map of the USA is what is on the screen each time.
Wayne in Red Deer
When you start S & T, go to tools, click on GPS then click on start GPS tracking.

I don't know if there is a way to set it up to do it automatically.

Download and use Keys and in this menu

Just select "Start GPS tracking", when S&T starts it will open at your location automatically. Keys will do all the work for you.
Thank. That little program is great. Glad that it can get it started right on startup.
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