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Thanks for letting us know. Still, for many of us, the paid GPS Gate Standard is more useful because of the additional feature not found in the Express version:

- Unlimited number of application connected to GPS via Virtual COM Ports
- Log and replay GPS data
- Simulate a GPS
- Redirect GPS data to physical COM port
- Share GPS over TCP/IP, UDP or HTTP
- Virtual port as input
- NMEA Mux (multiple inputs)
- Sharing over Bluetooth
- Sharing over ActiveSync
- Run as a service (NT/2k/XP)
- Multiple instances
I need someone (freelancer) to help me with Gpsgate server reports. If anyone interested please let me know.
If you are considering using GPS Gate (or xPort) on a new Windows 8 or 8.1 computer there is an issue. Microsoft has added Secure Boot to prevent programs from booting except with 'trusted' firmware. At present this prevents those 2 programs from creating virtual COM ports. They will not work properly unless you disable secure boot support in the BIOS...Assuming you can and want to.

Interesting discussion here on using external and internal GPS with Windows 8 and 8.1:
I just tried downloading the free client from GPS Gate to my Asus running Win 10 (32 bit) and it installed fine. According to the site, it is now called GPS Splitter but it looks the same on the computer

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Ken in Regina
I have GPSGate Express 2.6 running fine on two Windows 10 systems.

The only problem I had was trying to figure out where the taskbar icon was when in tablet mode. I finally gave up, switched out of tablet mode and there it was! It is really difficult to set up when you can't find the icon.

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