TMC compatible Laptop software
Which if any of the XP laptop software can use TMC feeds to reroute for traffic jams etc. I have Mappoint 2007 NA which you could get traffic updates via the internet before leaving but now you get TMC USB rcievers such as the GNS FM9 and get updates as you drive.
Marvin Hlavac
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ALK CoPilot and also PC Navigator can use TMC, and I'm sure at least one or two others, too. I personally have not yet started to pay attention to this, as I don't think the traffic service is reliable enough, at least not in my geographical area.
Thanks for the info, will have a look at both of those.

I am in the UK so TMC is free, its only reliable if you have a good radio signal which needs the antenna to be good.
Marvin Hlavac
Please let us which (if any) software you decide to go with, how well it works with TMC, and how happy/unhappy you are with the traffic reporting in your area.

By the way, since you are in UK, the CoPilot version for Europe is no longer available for the PC platform. It was discontinued by ALK few years ago. They now only have a PC version for the North American market, and I'm not sure about the availability of their Australian version.
Ken in Regina
I'm not sure if this will work with Garmin Mobile PC navigation software but Garmin does have the ability to get TMC data a variety of ways in both North America and Europe and you can get a version of Mobile PC with their European maps.

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