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Add RV, motorhome, big rig routing to Microsoft Streets and Trips
I didn't notice if, on the new features of Streets and Trips 2010 there is a way to pick certain roads and highways based on height like big rigs, motorhomes, etc. If not, I'd sure like to see this feature added.

Also, I'd like Propane providers to be included in the base POI's included with S&T. The information can be obtained by searching with Bing on that mapping system, so it seems like they already have the source for this.
Marvin Hlavac
Navteq does have the data needed for US and now even for Canada: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2579-navteq-transport-expands-canada
You can have various low underpass height warnings using the "Discovery Owners POIs". And there are options for the type of highways you want to run by adjusting using "Routes", "Route Options", "Segments", and then "Preferred Roads". Using that you can adjust your "likes" or "dislikes" for "Interstates or limited access", and "other highways", and "arterial roads", and "toll roads". Your likes or dislikes of 4 different types of highways.
I know Discovery and POI Factory both have a lot of POI's we can download and import into S&T. However if I were to import the Low Clearance POI file, then as far as routing I'm unaware of how to make S&T not take a route that has one of these Low Clearance POI's. At least automatically. I know I could use the avoid if one of the POI's happens to be on the route I made. But I'd like to have it handle this automatically, especially when using S&T in GPS mode.
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