What is the best GPS software/hardware combo for a laptop?
I have a Hp Pavilion DV1310US and I was wondering what is the best GPS software/hardware combo for the US. Also I was wondering cause I'm new to the laptop world, if i buy a GPS software/hardware combo do i have to have the Internet to use the GPS. Is it stand alone or does it require the Internet to give me my position and a steam view of my route (follows me and updates as i drive.)

Also my friend has a Mini ITX computer or something like that's in his car and wants GPS on it. Does he need a receiver and the Internet to get the GPS to work?

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An internet connection may only be needed when you initially install the software for registration purposes. Other than that, no - you do not need a constant connection to the 'net.
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Malaki86 is right that you don't need a constant connection. The GPS receiver receives signals from some special satellites and then sends the location data to the program on the PC. Nothing else is necessary.

However, some companies, like Microsoft and Garmin, have features built into their navigation programs that will take advantage of an internet connection for supplementary functions like getting traffic information or making hotel reservations or checking airline schedules or getting weather information. Some folks like to use these features so they get a USB dongle that gives their computer access to the internet via the cellular phone network anywhere they have cellular service.

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