Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009
The only difference between the trial and the real McKoy is the 60-day limit. All features and functions are included in the trial.

In fact, when you decide to buy the full product you need only to choose the "Upgrade..." link off the Help menu and enter in your product key and you're done! No need to uninstall trial and re-install the full packaged product.
I'm disappointed they removed the export to pocket streets function from the menu. Maybe I'm one of the few people that still use the pocketpc with streets. It was nice to be able to load updated maps to pocket streets. Maybe someone will come up with a utility to do this.
I downloaded the 2009 60 day trial and it looks as good as you say.
Do you just "upgrade" to the full version if you want it, or do you want the disc as I have always done ? Does it matter ?
Mike Flannigan
I have created a small FAQ regarding the new Free Streets & Trips 2009 Trial edition download.


In order to upgrade to the full version you need a Product key. When the application becomes available next month you can buy the DVD and key.

If you "Save" the .exe rather than "Run" then you can reinstall anytime using that exe. This is great for any folks that do not have a DVD drive.
Marvin Hlavac
EDH, yes, I have the trial. I don't think the full version is out yet.

Mike, yes, just like Larry writes:

Originally Posted by Larry
... when you decide to buy the full product you need only to choose the "Upgrade..." link off the Help menu and enter in your product key and you're done! No need to uninstall trial and re-install the full packaged product.
Marvin, you seem to have skimmed over the FAQ too quickly. There is no option to buy just a key; you have to buy a physical product at some point from a retailer.
Marvin Hlavac
Tao, thanks for correcting me. I just edited the above posting of mine (so it doesn't confuse the issue).
Microsoft still failed to correct the lefts and rights for the correct turns.
S&T 2009 still wants to run me into the interstate center divider when I need to exit to the right.
I'm glad I don't let the gps rule the way.
Is there anyway that I can edit the route and make corrections for the turns?
Best Regards:
I haven't had much time to work with 2009 but it appears you can not copy and past pushpins as you could in the past. Makes it difficult to enter pins from the Discovery site.
Hocus Pocus
Previous post in error , copy and paste works if done within 2009. They have changed the map format again.
My Point...Exactly
Marvin - thanks for the prompt notification that '09 was available for download! Many thanks to S&T Team for making this trial download available - even before the product is officially released!

Saw a comment from jsnoik above - concerned about reduced pushpin set. I train my sales customers to use lots of different color pushpins, and I was momentarily concerned I'd have to create the pins myself - BUT - thanks again S&T team for making those additional pins available.
Do you have to import them one at a time? I can't seem to shift-select them.

My Point, thanks for the info on the older pin set. I still have to do some work because they decided to only go to 20 with the numbers. I need to go up to the 30s, minimum, for my purpose.

Terry, it does appear that you have to import them one at a time.

One extra feature that I would like is the ability to sort the order of the custom pushpins. The custom pins that I made, in ST2007, were numbers. In the past, when I copied a pushpin set from a custom map to a new map, the pushpins were copied over at random. They were totally unorganized on the new map. I ended up reorganizing them by creating a fake pushpin site, with my first pushpin (0). Copied it to the new map. Changed the pushpin and copied again, until I got to 99. Good thing I am tolerant of repetition.

Fortunately, any of the maps that I have duplicated since allow me to resave the map under the new name. And then I delete the undesired pin sets.

One of my first reactions when looking at the pushpins that I downloaded from Microsoft, it how do I recognize them? I found that setting the view of the file to thumbnails worked wonders.
I just copied and pasted "my pushpins" from a saved copy of 2008 to a new 2009 map file. I intend to do it with all of my saved 2008 files. (First, I had to "make a pushpin" in the new 2009 file in order to have a place in the "Legend and Overview" to paste to.) I intend to make a new 2009 file for all of my saved 2008 files and do the same.
Mike Flannigan
If anyone is interested in helping Navteq to improve their maps, they can go to http://www.navteq.com/ and click on "Give Map Feedback" in the bottom left corner.

I have submitted 22 updates to them. Many, they had already acted on but there were several that they accepted. It does take them a while to process, but they receive a lot of submissions. On one day when I sent 7 entries, there was a spread of 63 entries.

So, if you want to be kept up to date with the results of your submissions, you can sign up to log in. I find that also helps me to keep track, so that I don't waste their time by sending duplicates.
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