Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009
Hey Ken and Marvin and Terry - I appreciate the input. Also, Ken thanks for not invading!!! My Missus is from London, Ontario, so I get the Canadian Humor (Humour?) -- Also listen to XM 153 - Laugh Attack - I LOVE Canadians!!!

I read about the updated antenna, so I'm glad that's confirmed. Does the antenna have a magnet, like XM, so you can stick it on the roof?

Mainly the ST '09/netbook will be used Real Time when we get into metropolitan areas...since pulling a trailer, watching for traffic/signs, and trying to read the GPS would be taxing...... That way the missus can assist in navigating hectic roadways.

So, I figure 95% of the time a GPS/PNS would be fine, and limiting the netbook use is the safest way to go. The thought of that thing flying thru the air in the event of an accident, or airbag deployment scares the crap outta me.....being a retired cop, hence I say "NO" to doughnuts , I've seen the damage flying debris can inflict.

Probably be cruising through/across Canada in 2010. Just a short stint in Ontario this September.

Thanks again, I will keep you posted as to how things go.

Marvin Hlavac
Nodonutz, look through some of the threads in the Laptop GPS Hardware forum section, as there is some useful information about vehicle mounts for laptops and netbooks. Prices start from as little as $15.
Already on it Marvin! Thanks for all the good input,eh! -- ND
Ken in Regina
Hey ND,

The GPS receiver that comes with Streets&Trips is not magnetic. If you are interested in a magnetic mount consider the Globalsat BU-353 and the software-only version of S&T. The BU-353 isn't expensive and in my opinion it's a better receiver than the new one that comes with S&T. Not hugely better but better. For one thing, it's really easy to set on the dash in an orientation that will get the best reception. All receivers prefer to have the "top" side up for best reception. The S&T receiver comes with a rather stiff cable and because of its shape it can sometimes be a problem to persuade the receiver to lay right side up. Not a big problem. Just a minor nuisance that I can live without. So whenever I'm using a USB receiver I always go to my BU-353 rather than my S&T receivers, even though I use it almost always on the dash up beside the windshield.

I will look into that Globalsat antenna. One concern is $$, since I have several items I need to get before hitting the road. I had a PNS, an Omnitech or something like that. Used it 2 months. And it locked up. Can't even power off - I have to leave it on and let the battery die! What a POS ..... Got it on Woot for $59..... Feel I got ripped off. Even downloaded maps for CA, but worthless to me now .

You guys are awesome w/ quick responses.... Glad I found y'all.
In the recent past I've become well versed in the laptop GPS navigation world. More than 5 years ago I started with S&T 2004, later purchased 2007 with GPS and recently downloaded the trial version of 2009 after which my harddrive crashed (a 'driver' issue). My local tech shop installed a new, much larger harddrive). I installed my 2007 version of S&T but it now constantly has difficulty locating sattilites or the software can't find the GPS. A couple weeks ago I started a 2,000 mile trip and could not get the program to work so I stopped enroute and purchased a Delorme Earthmate 2009 GPS with an LT-40 receiver. Had to learn a whole new program . My 2 young granddaughters helped on the return trip. This week my bride decided she wanted a dashtop GPS and I helped her pick one out. She purchased a Garmin. I like it so much that I just ordered a Garmin Moibile PC with 20x Bundle for Laptop Computers . It has all the features I like and, according to the reviews, I think I'll be less frustrated than I was with S&T.
Marvin Hlavac
Enjoy your new Garmin Mobile PC running on your laptop, but don't throw away your old trusty Microsoft Streets and Trips just yet. One of the advantages of a laptop is that you can have more than one software installed on it. You may run Mobile PC while driving, but you may want to turn to your Streets & Trips for trip planning.

This way you will have the best the both worlds.
Hi Marvin,

You are right.

As you know I use S & T for over 6 years…
I own a Garmin Nuvi 750 and Garmin Mobile PC until last year, but I use always S & T to plan a long trip and Garmin each day for the ride of the day… With both it’s great!
Marvin Hlavac
I just wanted to say for the benefit of those who stumbled upon this one year old review of S&T 2009, and who have read all the 22 pages of it... ... we have more interesting reading for you: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2380-review-microsoft-streets-trips

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