Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009
Hi Marvin,

I expected that problem many times last year during my long trip across Canada and US ( 35 000 km.). I had to check carefully the road before each time I livedÖ

But the bigger problem is in the re-routing, I donít trust it because it made many bad routing and I donít use it anymore. By the way I donít like the U turn with my 52 feet rigÖ

My solution for the future is the use of 2 GPS in same time S&T and Garmin 250W Ö:rofl"

Tanks for the answer.
Personally I always run iGuidance in the back ground, not because of bad routing but because S&Ts always has a nasty habit of crashing just when I need it most.

I was using Garmin Mobile PC in the back ground but that updating fubar kinda ticked me off.
Okay, I downloaded ST 2009 onto my main desktop (no GPS) for evaluation. I immediately noticed a lot of work done to make the icons prettier. Most of the other features are the same as 2008.

I checked a few areas around my home where 2008 was missing a road or an on ramp or off ramp. SOME of the construction was included in 2009, while other things were not. I searched the program for the ability to DRAW IN missing roads and such, but I haven't found any tool which will allow me to make minor corrections on my own.

I'm going to dump my trial download onto a thumb drive and install it on my truck PC for evaluation using the GPS which is my main concern. I see that the breadcrumb trail function is still there, but can S&T 2009 navigate across those trails I create? I wonder.

The Click = Drag, Right-Click = Zoom function is nice.

I especially like the PRINT MAP function. It seems the program assumes a landscape paper orientation, and ONLY prints what you see on your screen, meaning if you squash the window down to 1/10th of the screen's height, you will print a very narrow map, just like you see on the screen. THAT is a nice feature!

The assortment of pushpins is sadly lacking, but I must assume that is because this is a TRIAL version. I am guessing that more pushpin selections become available upon registration.

The CREATE DRIVE TIME ZONES feature needs a bit of tweaking. It is nice for the computer to assume a jagged boundary based on a set driving time, but I played with this extensively and found it to be woefully inaccurate. Perhaps if the user could select a series of points around the target region, and define them AS (n) minutes based on real world traffic conditions for that area, the computer could then use those reference points to draw a more realistic drive time zone.

Also, I would DEARLY love to set up a color-coded zone map showing 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute drive times from my base, but rather than flood the map with a solid primary color that basically obliterates the map, it would be better to lay a 5 or 10% screened color UNDER the roads, so that the zone could be identified visually, but the map could still be seen. I used the lighter, less harsh pastel colors to create splotches UNDER the roads, and that looks ... okay, but I guess we need some less intense colors, softer shades of blue, green, yellow and red, etc., so we can make a distinction without creating a distraction.

The AVOID AREA function should not only work with the rectangle draw tool, but also with the oval and the free form tools as well.

That is about all I can determine upon initial examination of ST 2009. I'll know more when I put it in my tow truck and put it through its paces.

At this point, ST 2009 is a "might buy."
Marvin Hlavac
Joe, you can add more pushpin symbols by following the instructions in http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/749-tips-tricks, (tip # 21).

The following may be of interest: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/872-u-blox-gps-technology-power-new-microsoft-usb-gps-receiver
I got a problem similar than Alain this summer on Highway 20 in travelling between Quebec and Montreal. I have stopped somewhere and used the reroute function and route got me out of the highway going deep away from it making a very nice turn (many km) to return me later to the highway 20 (a simple route of a few km would have get me onto the highway). I didn't notice at first, followed the route by using the guidance tool, than i have found by zooming out the map that i was going to ride for nothing . But it was not as bad as we can see in Alain route! Unfortunatly, i didn't remember exactly where it was...

As I said before, re-routing is really a problem, often it head you for a cross country… That why I don’t use it (the re-routing) any more… I turn it off!

My experience with my Garmin 250W is not really long but I made many tests and each time it was OK.

But S&T is better to plan a long trip… If we carefully check each part of the road !
Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by nialag
But S&T is better to plan a long trip… If we carefully check each part of the road !
Yes, that's what I personally love about GPS navigation on laptop computers - it is just so easy to quickly zoom out, and switch to 2D, to see the whole route, and to instantly check visually if the route appears to make sense. Pretty much any laptop GPS software can do this well. But it may be a lot more difficult, or time consuming, or even impossible to do the same on a PND (personal navigation device), especially if it has a small screen.
Tried S&T 2009 yesterday and there is no way it is ready for release. It wanted me to go all differant routes from where I needed to go. On some of the streets and roads it would only state " turn left or right on local road" and not say the name of the street or road.
Again, I'm glad I knew where I was going. I would not use it to go to a place I didn't know. You would get lost!
Marvin Hlavac
Tom, is this reproducable? Could you provide Start and End locations?
I downloaded and installed the trial version of Streets & Trips 2009 but it won't run. It gives me a lengthy error message that starts out "A removable device or network share cannot be found,". I first installed it from the C drive, then uninstalled it and reinstalled it from a flash drive, but it still won't run. Does anyone have any suggestions? Microsoft seems to have no support at all for this trial version.
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
Tom, is this reproducable? Could you provide Start and End locations?
I can't reproduce it unless I run the route I was running, but the start and end location was at my home in Horn Lake, MS and I then had to run around Memphis, Bartlett, Colleriville and Germantown, TN.
Sorry, not to good info for ya.
Streets & Trips 2009 is great!
I haven't installed it on my truck PC yet, so I have only my office desktop experimentation to go on at the moment. I am anxious to get it on the truck PC so I can put it through it's paces.
Marvin Hlavac
The improved (fixed) 3D is perhaps the most significant improvement for me personally. The 3D (navigation mode) still doesn't look as nice as iGuidance or Garmin Mobile PC, but at least the GPS icon doesn't travel all the way to the top of the screen now. The GPS location icon stays close to the bottom of the map, and that's where it should be.

I haven't yet taken the time to start modifying S&T Keys for this new 2009 version, so I haven't really spent too much time using Streets & Trips 2009 yet. But I'll try to work on S&T Keys soon. When that's done, I'll be using Streets and Trips 2009 exclusively for a while.
hi everybody:
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