Garmin nRoute discontinued. What mapping software can I use?
Hey folks! Just found the forum and boy am I glad. Got a problem so...

Here's the short version...

Old laptop died. Bought new laptop (Vista Home Premium 64bit Dell). Garmin no longer makes or supports nRoute. I used my old laptop, nRoute, MapSource, certain maps, and an Etrex Legend HCX (USB).

I REALLY LIKED THE COMBINATION OF NROUTE AND MAPSOURCE and the ability to see large geographic areas while planning routes and stuff. I especially like the ability to use a mouse pointer to change the route and see the end result on the left side of the screen.

I am looking for a laptop solution that gets me AS CLOSE TO THE FUNCTIONALITY OF NROUTE AND MAPSOURCE as I possibly can. What do you think?

All replies are most certainly appreciated folks. Thanks a bunch.
See post #12 of this thread for a location to download nRoute from Garmin.


Hey tCassidy - Thanks for that.

An update to the original post is in order here.

I called Garmin to ask a question about Mobile PC. The MobilePC suite (with the usb rcvr) comes with a disk that has City Navigator NT and the MobilePC software. My understanding is that MobilePC is really nothing more than an automotive gps emulator for a PC. The people at Garmin, or atleast the ones I spoke with, had varying opinions on whether or not I could view the map information supplied with MobilePC...with MapSource.

I really liked the way MapSource functioned. I'd sit on the couch at night and map out routes and change them...see the details...etc. Further one of the reps couldn't state whether or not I would be able to view the maps (the way I did in MapSource) with MobilePC. Lots of not sure's.

Soooo...I went to the father in laws house and once again, used his version of City Navigator (forget which version). He bought this back when you could get 2 unlock codes for 1 map. One of the unlock codes was given to me. Now I am back to that version of City Navigator, using MapSource, and nRoute with my etrex legend hcx.

Doesn anyone know or have an opinion on whether or not I should bother upgrading to a newer version of City Navigator? Hell I don't even know if they'd do that. It was really frustrating to spend the better part of my day dealing with Garmin. They are not very customer oriented with the manner in which they issue / don't issue unlock codes and so on (my opinion).

CNNA NT 2010,2 is the current version. I can't say if the updated map is of value in your area. The last time Garmin provided 2 unlock codes was a long time ago though (CS v6?).

The maps that come with Mobile PC (any version) are not usable by MapSource as they are already compiled. However, if the Mobile PC version you buy comes with a GPS and you are entitled to an upgrade for CNNA NT, the downloadable file should be usable with MapSource. With another program, you can also make it usable with nRoute providing you use the 10x or 20x that comes with Mobile PC (or GPS Gate).

Your Etrex will not work with the version of Mobile PC that comes with a GPS. It probably will work with the software only version of Mobile PC if you use ProITM's modified executable or using GPS Gate.

Do some reading in the Mobile PC section of this forum to see if you are interested.

Ken in Regina
Hi Sniggley,

It's good to hear you have nRoute working for you again. Cheers!!

I hope you don't mind that I moved the thread to the Garmin Mobile PC section. It's more appropriate here. I left a link to it in the original spot.

Terry is right, if you have even a passing interest in moving to Mobile PC you should take a look through the Mobile PC section. If nothing else read through a couple of threads that compare Mobile PC and nRoute.

You have discovered what everyone else does when they contact Garmin about Mobile PC ... utter confusion. It is about the most poorly understood product they have.

Yes, it's just like you take a Nuvi and stuff it into your PC. The interface and features are just about identical to the Nuvi. It's a really nice nav program, one of the nicest. The graphics are superb and for basic nav functions it's really simple to use. However, if you really like the 2d map display of Mapsource and nRoute, this will be lost on you (as it is on me .. I never use 3d mode).

No, it doesn't hold a candle to Mapsource for the sort of planning you like to do (so do I). Mobile PC does have a couple of features for modifying routes that Mapsource does not. If you like the way Mapsource works for creating routes and viewing and playing with them you will likely have difficulty adjusting to Mobile PC.

As Terry said, it really depends on how old your map version is whether it might be improved in the areas you are interested in. But if it came with 2 unlock codes it's pretty old and likely has a lot more up to date data almost everywhere!

Also as Terry said, the maps in Mobile PC are already compiled, like the GMAPSUPP.IMG file that Mapsource produces to load onto your eTrex. You can't use it in either Mapsource or nRoute.

I have an eTrex Legend HCx and it makes a great receiver for nRoute (you have great taste!). I have it working with the software-only version of Mobile PC but it's not just plug-and-go like it is with nRoute. That is, it will not work with Mobile PC without some help.

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