How to save Drawing objects in Microsoft Streets and Trips
This forum is a great find. I'm doing some interesting mapping applications with GPS that I will share later, but this is my immediate dilemma.

I'm trying to figure out a way to save the objects I draw in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 so that I can export and view them in another program, like Google Earth for example.

I've already figured out how to do this for the GPS trail by exporting to .GPX, it works great, I then convert the .GPX to .KML with Global Mapper and I'm in business.

But, I need to do the same thing for drawing objects that are drafted in addition to the GPS trail - typically these objects are just simple polylines added with the drawing tool. I need to select them all and export to .GPX - how can I do that?
Ken in Regina
I can't help with your question, waveguide, but here's a tip for the track files (aka GPS trails). You don't need to convert GPX to KML. Google Earth is quite happy to open a GPX file directly.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi waveguide, and welcome to the forums. As far as I know currently there is no way to export the drawings to another program. The only thing possible is to copy and paste those objects from one S&T map into another S&T map.

I'm doing some interesting mapping applications with GPS that I will share later
You've come to the right place! We will be eager to find out more about it when you are ready to share the info.

Thanks for the reply. I'm going to send you an email detailing the process I'm currently involved with. I know there's a better solution, but I'm not sure what it is, and I'm thinking you may have some valuable insight. Thanks again,

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