How to set default stop time in Microsoft Streets and Trips
There are 2 things I am trying to do in Streets and Trips 2009, and I have searched for the answer to no avail. Please help!!!
  • Is there a way to add a default "stop" time to points on a route all at one time? Think traveling salesman, I have 80 stops on a route and I know I am only going to spend 10 minutes per stop...I can't figure out how to apply that time constraint to all the stops at once in S&T 2009...it makes me go stop by stop and edit the time.
  • Is there a shortcut key for adding a stop to a route, without having to right click on the spot and navigate to "add to route"? I would just like to click on the point and press a shortcut key to add it if possible. (And yes, I did download the S&T keys program and I can't find that functionality)
Thanks for any help you can give, sorry for the noob question.
eyescream said:
And yes, I did download the S&T keys program and I can't find that functionality
You can add it to the wish list: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1283-s-t-keys-streets-trips-2009-wish-list

or this one: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/wish-list

Unfortunately, I don't know any way to modify multiple stops stop time at a time. You have to do this one by one

Perhaps using Mappoint would be a better solution for you because Mappoint has some programming features.
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